Why get a chemical peel? Renew your skin with Enerpeel!

A chemical peel is a treatment carried out by qualified dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and doctors that removes the top layer(s) of skin, promoting growth of a newer, more vibrant skin. Sounds good? That’s because it is!

Imagine revealing renewed, smoother, and more even skin tone. A bright complexion is the desired outcome for those who undergo chemical skin peels.

Chemical skin peel

Why get a chemical peel?

There are a number of skin troubles a chemical peel can solve.

Whether it’s a problem area like the ones below or for more general skin renewal, a chemical peel is the first step in achieving radiant and glowing skin tone and texture.

A chemical skin peel can:

    • Target problem areas like the eyes and around the mouth
    • Reduce the appearance of some scars
    • Treat some cases of acne
    • Improve the appearance of age spots or sunspots
    • Improve the appearance of pigmentation

A chemical skin peel is not designed to treat more severe issues like sagging skin or deeper wrinkles; these problem areas might be treated with a cosmetic surgery procedure like:

(Best to speak with a Cairns Plastic Surgery nurse to discuss your particular concerns. You can book a FREE consult here!)

What should I do to prepare for a chemical peel?

There are a few things you can do to best prepare for a chemical skin peel, as well as a few things you should tell your doctor.

1. Let us know if you’ve got any skin conditions

Including scarring, cold sores, or sensitive skin. It is important to let us know if you have any cold sores that keep returning, as these should not be treated with a chemical peel.

2. Determine what you want to achieve from a peel

Do you have a specific concern (like the ones mentioned above) or are you after a more general improvement to the tone and texture of your skin?

Setting a realistic goal helps expectations fall into place!

3. Limit sun exposure

Just like when you prepare for laser hair removal or other treatments of the skin, you will need to avoid sun exposure in the weeks leading up to your peel. You should also avoid harsh skin treatments like waxing and the use of hair removal creams.

Your doctor will also advise how to best prepare your skin, which might include things like taking antibiotics or using lotions.

What happens during my Enerpeel chemical peel?

A chemical skin peel appointment generally lasts around 30 minutes to an hour, but this is of course dependant on the questions you want to ask as well as how deep the peel is and how long it is left on your skin.

It’s likely that during your chemical peel you will feel a sensation of tingling or slight burning. This sensation is totally normal and might last for a few days.

Cairns Plastic Surgery uses Enerpeel, a chemical peel that works just as strongly as others but is gentler on the skin, helping to shorten recovery time.

After a peel: chemical peel recovery

Immediately after a chemical peel, your skin will feel tight and sensitive and is likely to be quite red.

Your recovery time is highly dependant on how well you treat your skin after a peel. Proper care will speed up the healing process and can help the results last longer!

It’s expected that your skin will be red and sensitive for a few days. It is also likely that your skin will appear ‘scaly’, which can last a few days or a week. This is nothing to cause alarm! Lotions and creams will help to keep the skin hydrated, thus speeding up recovery time.


Do not pick at flaking skin! This can result in cracked and dry skin, effectively negating the purpose of a chemical skin peel.

Some other things to know:

      • A nurse can prescribe you pain medication to help you cope better with the sting, particularly for deeper skin peels
      • A cool compress can also help relieve that tingling feel
      • You must also avoid sun exposure until peeling has stopped and ensure you moisturise and cleanse the skin properly
      • Avoid heavy sweating for a couple of days (so skip the gym this week!)
      • You must wear sunscreen every day

Don’t worry though – we’ll give you all the guidance you’ll need and help you prepare for a great recovery. Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Send us a query or give us a call: (07) 4031 5755.


Most patients will find they need little downtime when healing from a skin peel. That is, they can resume normal activities but just need to make a few compromises and take the proper precautions, including avoiding sun exposure for a couple of days.

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