Why Do Women Consider Breast Implant Surgery?

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Undergoing any type of plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure takes careful consideration.

It’s important that you not only explore all your options to discover which surgery will best help you fulfil your goals, but that you’ve also done in-depth research into choosing a qualified plastic surgeon.

That means choosing an experienced plastic surgeon who not only has the skills, but will also treat you with the utmost care and compassion before, during, and after surgery.

If you’re one of the estimated 4% of Australian women who have breast implants, it’s likely you have your own personal reasons for opting into surgery.

This week, we look at just some of the reasons a woman may consider breast implants.

We can’t stress enough that this is a personal choice, and this list is by no means exhaustive. Remember, breast implant surgery (or any other cosmetic surgery procedure, for that matter) is a highly personal choice.

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Why get breast implants?

To look better in clothes

This doesn’t always need to be a vanity thing – it can be about comfort and fit, too.

Something as seemingly simple as fitted clothing is one key reason women choose to enhance the size of their bust, improving the contour of their chest, and resulting in clothing that fits better, whether that’s a sports bra or a floor-length evening gown!

To look better without clothes

It’s not just while wearing clothing women want to feel more confident!

Some women may feel self-conscious about their body and current breasts, resulting in poor self-esteem. This can have an adverse effect on intimacy in a relationship.

To increase self-esteem

It’s all about self-love!

Restore confidence and be the best version of yourself.

Whether that’s eating well, exercising three times a week, or enhancing the size of your bust, do what you want to boost your confidence and live your best life.

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To improve the shape and get a perkier bust

Weight loss, pregnancy, ageing… no matter the reason, you are left with sagging breasts that have lost their shape and/or volume.

Breast implants are just one procedure that may improve the shape and fullness of your breasts.

Keep in mind though, that for cases where you want to lift the breasts, mastopexy (breast lift) may actually be a more appropriate procedure.

Having said that, though, there’s also a third option: breast implants + breast lift.

Breast implants, breast lift, or a combination of the two? It all depends on your specific circumstances and what you want to achieve.

Good news: we currently have two great packages for Breast Implants and Breast Implants + Breast Lift. Check them out here.

To balance uneven breasts

Did you know that most women have one breast that’s bigger than the other? In fact, if your breasts are perfectly symmetrical, you’re in the minority!

Most of the time, the difference is pretty subtle, but cases in which the size disparity is obvious can lead to:

  • Self-esteem issues
  • Embarrassment
  • Ill-fitting clothing including bikinis

Breast implant surgery can correct this disparity.

To restore fullness following mastectomy

Losing the breasts following mastectomy can lead to a woman feeling she has lost a part of her femininity or identity.

It’s a delicate subject, which is why it’s so good to have a compassionate and caring female plastic surgeon on your side. Dr Isolde Hertess and her entire team take the time to compassionately listen to how you are feeling and understand your desires.

Breast surgery following mastectomy involves reconstructing the shape of the breast.

Are breast implants worth it?

Unfortunately, that isn’t a question we can answer for you.

In our opinion, there are many benefits to breast surgery – as outlined above – but the reality is that women choose breast augmentation for a whole host of reasons. Whether for cosmetic, self-esteem, or health purposes, a woman’s decision is highly personal and cannot be made by anyone else.

While we cannot tell you whether they are worth it, what we can do is offer specialised, professional, and unbiased support throughout your journey. From your first meeting with a Cairns Plastic surgery nurse through to your surgery and post-operative care, we are with you every step of the way.

If you have any concerns or questions, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Do you lose feeling in your nipples after breast implants?

In many cases, a woman may experience temporary loss of sensation to one or both of their nipples. This will usually return over time. Permanent loss is rare, however it does happen.

Will pregnancy ruin my breast implants?

While it’s normal for your body to experience tremendous change during pregnancy and postpartum, these changes typically do not impact your implants. Additionally, it is possible to breastfeed normally with implants.

While many women choose to wait until they are done having children before they embark on breast augmentation, it is not entirely necessary.

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When NOT to get breast implants

So there you have it.

Some of the most common reasons why a woman chooses to undergo breast implant surgery.

However before we move on, we’ve got to address two of the most important reasons to NOT get breast implants.

When the desire comes from someone else

The decision to undergo breast surgery (or any other surgery, for that matter!) should be yours, and yours alone. It should never be for another person or for social recognition.

When you think surgery will give you the perfect body

Expectations must be realistic, and as your plastic surgeon, we will do our best to align your expectations with reality.

Breast implants, or any other cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, will not give you the perfect body. It can also not make you look like another person, like a celebrity.

How to choose a surgeon for breast implants

So you’ve decided you want breast surgery.

Next thing – you need to find the right surgeon who will not only competently perform this surgery, but also:

  • Provide you with all the advice, recommendations, and education so you can make an informed decision
  • Explain complementary or alternative procedures that may be more suitable for your desires
  • Be with you every step of the way leading up to, during, and following surgery
  • Is a permanently based surgeon who will not “fly out” once your surgery has been performed

Some questions you might like to ask your surgeon include:

  • What type of implants do you recommend for me, and why?
  • What happens to my nipples? Will they change position?
  • What is recovery like? How much downtime is expected?
  • Do I get follow-up appointments? What happens during these?

If you’re interested in breast implants in Cairns, Mackay, or anywhere across North Queensland, get in touch with us today. We look forward to hearing from you.