Why Consider Breast Surgery?

Women continue to debate and consider the options for breast surgery.There are a number of personal reasons but the most common include restoring volume loss post pregnancy or weight loss and lack of development. The ageing process and health related complications such as breast cancer also impact on the aesthetic appeal of the breasts and can benefit from corrective surgery.What can be achieved is a more symmetrical and proportionate look as well as a better shape. Surgery can also achieve the lifting of sagging or drooping breasts, reduction of breast size that causes pain, poor posture and other health related concerns, removal and replacement of old breast implants and the correction of previous breast surgery.

Many women feel their areolar or nipples are too big for their breast size and shape. Inverted nipples can cause embarrassment. You are not alone and Dr Hertess understands and knows how to correct this.

Dr Hertess believes each individual deserves their own plan of treatment. One size does ‘not’ fit all. Each breast procedure is tailored to suit each individual and take into account their health status, expectations and lifestyle.

The journey from research to recovery can start with a complimentary nurse consultation to discuss which procedure is right for you. A qualified nurse can walk you through your journey and answer your questions as well as provide you with information and important considerations when making a decision on breast surgery.

Breast Augmentation is a popular procedure to enlarge the breasts.

Dr Hertess of Cairns Plastic Surgery will discuss your options for surgery and your choice of silicone implants and scar placement.

A breast lift (mastopexy) can be a life changing procedure for women who have breastfed or lost weight.

A Mastopexy can restore confidence and self esteem while returning the breasts to their original position pre children.

Heavy, pendulous breasts can be corrected with breast reduction surgery. Many women suffer back, neck and shoulder pain from oversized breasts. Medication may not be the answer for long term relief but surgery may.

Has your breast surgery been done somewhere else? Do your old implants need replacing? Does your breast surgery need correction? Cairns Plastic Surgery can help. Get the lifestyle, confidence and look to help you get back to the activities you miss.

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