What is a “mummy makeover” and is it right for me?

  • Mummy makeover in Queensland

Motherhood is always full of excitement, rewards, and challenges.

If you’re a mum, you know your body goes through numerous body changes during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and the postpartum period.

Such changes include weight gain, stretch marks, and sagging breasts.

Many women who have had children often desire to go back to their pre-baby body.

And while diet and exercise following bub’s arrival can help, there is another solution: mummy makeover

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What is a mummy makeover?

The “mummy makeover” is more of a marketing term than a surgical procedure. The surgeries included in our mummy makeover may be suitable for a range of patients.

Women who’ve been pregnant typically experience hormonal and physical changes that significantly affect their breasts, stomach, skin, and weight.

Dieting and exercise won’t bring your body back to the way it was overnight. And while important, there is another way to transform your body.

Thanks to Cairns, a mummy makeover in Queensland can restore your body to its pre-pregnancy glory!

Achieving your pre-baby body is possible through different surgeries that can help you get back your youthful body and importantly, restore the confidence you had within it.

What is included in a mummy makeover package?

A mummy makeover is achieved using a combination of plastic surgery procedures that help mums improve their body contours following pregnancy and birth.

Some of these procedures that make up a mummy makeover may include:

  • Tummy tuck
  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction

The surgeries included will depend on your unique circumstances and specific goals, and be guided by your plastic surgeon.

How do you qualify for a mummy makeover?

Over time, women go through changes in their bodies, from puberty through pregnancy and all the way to the natural ageing process.

As a result, the elasticity and firmness of their breasts and skin may not be the same as when they were younger.

If you want to bring back the shape and volume of your breasts, achieve a flat tummy, or reduce unwanted sagging skin, then you should consider post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery.

Here are some way to know if post-pregnancy procedures are right for you:

#1: Do it for yourself!

It’s never easy for mums to go through all the various stages of pregnancy, from the pregnancy itself to birth, breastfeeding, and other postpartum changes.

Deciding to opt for surgery should be done for nobody except yourself!

Your motivation to get back your figure starts with how much you want it and how far you are willing to go to be more confident and happy in your skin.

#2: Be willing to stay in shape and be healthy

A mummy makeover is not a substitute for weight loss, and in fact in many cases, you will need to demonstrate good physical health and a healthy weight before proceeding with surgery.

Leading up to surgery, you should take a critical look at your diet, ensuring you’re eating lots of leafy greens, fruit, protein, and whole grains.

3: Have no plans to have anymore kids

Before you go through a full makeover procedure, you should carefully consider whether you’re planning to fall pregnant again.

Mummy makeover surgery does not impact your ability to conceive, and it is safe to have another baby after surgery.

However it is critical to keep in mind that getting pregnant following a mummy makeover can compromise or even reverse the effects and outcomes of your surgery.

How long should you wait to get a tummy tuck after pregnancy?

Women who want to get a tummy tuck at Cairns, may need to wait at least six months to one year after giving birth to allow their bodies to heal, stabilise their weight, and allow their hormone levels to rebalance.

#4: Have realistic expectations

Before you undergo any procedure, you need to set realistic expectations as plastic surgery results are something that can never be guaranteed.

You also need to ensure you have the capacity and understanding of what’s involved in recovery. Recovery cannot and must not be rushed; listen to your surgeon and ensure you are taking deliberate precautions that allow your body to fully recover, recuperate, and rest following surgery.

Your surgeon is here to ensure you are comfortable and well informed, but will also provide a pragmatic, realistic, and honest approach to surgery, results, and recovery.

What happens three weeks after a mummy makeover?

For several weeks following surgery, you will experience bruising, swelling, and some discomfort.

Your incredible body is in healing mode, so give it the time it needs.

Mummy makeover in Queensland

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