The truth about botox: we bust 5 common anti-wrinkle injection myths!

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At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we think that cosmetic and plastic surgery often gets a bad rap.

When people talk about it, it often comes with images of the vain and self-absorbed – either that or botched-looking procedures.

It’s a shame, really, as all this negative attention draws attention away from the good that plastic surgery can offer women.

And there’s perhaps no non-surgical procedure that cops more unwarranted flack than anti-wrinkle injections.

Sure, early Botox treatments were rough-looking (which is where the stereotype comes from). However, modern procedures are lightyears ahead of what most people are probably thinking of!

Looking for botox or anti-wrinkle injections in Cairns?

Are these old myths and misconceptions scaring you off?

Our team are busting some common Botox myths you may have fallen for!

Myth 1: anti-wrinkle injections = Botox

While Botox is the most common type of anti-wrinkle injection, by no means is it the only one!

In addition to muscle relaxants like Botox, your anti-wrinkle treatment may also involve dermal fillers.

As you age, the volume of your face muscles (in particular, your collagen levels) diminish, leaving your face with less volume.

The problem is that your skin doesn’t diminish at the same rate – combine that with the natural loss of skin elasticity, and it’s no wonder the face starts to develop wrinkles.

Like the name suggests, these “fill out” your face, restoring volume and filling in loose skin… and by extension, smoothing out and eliminating wrinkles!

Myth: busted!

Myth 2: injections are only for wrinkles

Despite the name, anti-wrinkle injections can be used for much more than just fighting off the signs of aging!

In addition to filling in wrinkles, fillers can also be used to enhance certain facial features.

Depending on how you want to look, dermal fillers can be used in place of plastic surgery – for example, most lip enhancement procedures make use of dermal fillers.

Myth: busted!

Myth 3: injections are only temporary, and need to be refreshed often

This used to be the case. However, thanks to recent developments, you can now go years between injections!

You can thank collagen stimulants for this.

Essentially, collagen is a protein that makes much of the tissue in your face. Tendons, ligaments, muscle tissue… these all contain collagen.

Collagen levels naturally decrease as you age. Normally, dermal fillers would be used to combat the resulting wrinkles.

Nowadays however, you can request collagen stimulants as part of your anti-aging treatment.

Instead of filling in your face, these injections promote the regrowth of this essential collagen.

This leads to longer-lasting results – while results may vary, generally-speaking most patients can last up to two years once your treatment is over.

Myth: busted!

Botox CairnsBotox Cairns

Myth 4: anti-wrinkle injections hurt!

People think of needles, and they think of pain.

We get it, really – getting your flu shots stings, so naturally, anti-wrinkle injections will also hurt quite a bit, right?

Thankfully, when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections, you needn’t worry – we use very fine needles that minimise felt pain.

In fact, many of our clients compare the feeling to little more than a slight pinching feeling!

Obviously, this depends on your individual pain threshold, but the vast majority of clients don’t need anaesthetic (though we do have local anaesthetic on-hand, just in case!)

Myth: busted!

Myth 5: anti-wrinkle injections leave you with a “frozen” face

This is a misconception that doesn’t just affect anti-wrinkle injections, either – it applies to cosmetic and plastic surgery in general.

In 90% of cases however, the problem doesn’t lie with the procedure or technique itself, but how it’s prescribed!

At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we believe that anti-wrinkle injections are precision tools.

Injections should be treated like a scalpel rather than like a hammer, and should be used for small-scale, localised treatments.

Ideally, they should be used to target specific areas of your face and wrinkles. They are not cure-alls that can reverse all the signs of aging.

Some patients misunderstand this, and resort anti-wrinkle injections as a silver bullet for aging. Many end up receiving excessive injections to target their entire face – something anti-wrinkle injections are not designed to do.

The result? An unnatural-looking result and an inability to create facial expressions!

Myth: busted!

Don’t let these myths stop you from realising the amazing effects of anti-wrinkle injections!

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A younger-looking, plumper, and smoother face, all without having to go under the knife – how good does that sound?

All of this is possible with anti-wrinkle injections, an affordable and less-intrusive way of fighting the signs of aging.

Too good to be true, we know. But now you know the truth.

Anti-wrinkle and botox injections are all they seem… provided you get an appropriate procedure for your needs – and its administered by the right person.

At Cairns Plastic Surgery, it’s our mission to ensure you get that tailored treatment that accounts for:

  • The results you’d like to achieve
  • Your unique circumstances
  • What’s most appropriate

Using a unique female perspective you don’t often find in the industry, Dr Hertess and her team work hard to sculpt you a body that you’re comfortable to be in.

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