Thinking About Having A Breast Augmentation Procedure? Here Is A Guide To Understanding Surgeon Titles.

Have you ever wondered why some Surgeons use the title Dr and others use the title Mr?  This is actually a common question that is asked by patients considering surgery.  If you are thinking about having a Breast Augmentation procedure, you will need to select a suitable Plastic Surgeon.  While you are considering different Plastic Surgeons, you may notice that some Plastic Surgeons use the title Mr and some use the Title Dr.  So… the different titles mean anything?  Does a Plastic Surgeon using a title Mr have different qualifications to a Surgeon using a title Dr?

The answer to this question is actually quite simple.  Whether or not a Plastic Surgeon uses the title Mr or Dr is a personal choice made by the Plastic Surgeon.  But it has led us to question why Surgeons should use gender specific titles when other professions do not.  Some patients have raised concerns such as ‘Who is actually treating me?’ or ‘Who is a Doctor and who isn’t?’  With the use of the terms Dr or Mr, it is not always clear to patients whether someone is a doctor or not.

The Origin of a Surgeon’s Title

The Surgeon title ‘Mr’ originates from 1600’s when barbers performed surgery!  King Henry VIII recognised barbers and surgeons under the name of ‘Mastery and Commonality of Barbers and Surgeons of London’.  Those who performed an apprenticeship in this gained the title Master, which in time became Mr or Mister.  In contrast, physicians who held the title ‘Dr’ were considered ‘gentlemen’ and were university educated.

The use of the title Mr by Surgeons is a long standing tradition.  When the Royal College of London was established in the 1800’s, the title ‘Mister’ was retained and seen as a sign of high status.  The influence of the Royal College Of Surgeons Of England has seen the tradition passed on to our own Royal Australasian College Of Surgeons.

Surgeons Today

So today, female Surgeons can also opt to use gender specific titles if they choose to such as Ms, Miss or Mrs, but generally, they don’t.  Interestingly, the title Mr in younger, new generation Surgeons is becoming more and more popular.  Around the world, there are geographical differences in the use of the title Mr by Surgeons.  Male Surgeons in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland use the title Mr.  In Australia and New Zealand, some Surgeons use Mr and some use Dr.  In America and Canada, the title Mr is very rarely used by male Surgeons.

As times have changed, it is necessary to question the appropriateness of the use of gender specific titles for Surgeons.  Currently, Surgery is the ONLY profession that continues to use gender specific titles.  It is a common thought that listing Surgeons as male or female creates an impression that a female surgeon’s qualifications may differ from her male colleagues.

In 2005, The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons advocated a move to establish Dr as a universal title for Surgeons.  However, while the College cannot enforce the use of the title Dr, they can endeavour to encourage all new fellows to take the title of Dr.

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