Things are looking up! Neck lift surgery

As we’ve mentioned in the past, no one in this entire world is exempt from the effects of gravity and ageing. As we age, our faces and bodies start to change; we lost elasticity, skin start to “soften up”, and it will begin to sag.

Ageing is a natural process that none of us can avoid, but for some people, it can instil a bit of trepidation and apprehension.

Neck lift surgery

What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a specialised plastic surgery procedure that aims to remove excess fat and loose skin to improve the contours of the neck and face.

Some of our patients think to themselves that as they age, that wrinkly, sagging neck isn’t going to fix itself or get any better… so why not choose neck lift surgery to regain that youthful, fresh, supple neck?

It’s a sentiment we wholeheartedly agree with!

Why might I consider a neck lift?

The common traits of an ageing or sagging neck include:

Prominent or unsightly neck rings

Regardless of your weight, prominent neck rings can affect your self-esteem.

A double chin

Ugh, why can we never seem to budge that fatty deposit below our chin? We can reduce the appearance of a double chin as fat is removed and skin is repositioned during a neck lift.

A “turkey neck”

Common as we age, a turkey neck is the result of sagging, stretching, and ageing skin.

Excessive neck wrinkles

Lifestyle factors like sun exposure can have an adverse effect on wrinkles and other skin features.

The above traits, which yes, are natural, can be the cause of women feeling unhappy with their appearance.

Whether you no longer like looking at photos of yourself, you think you look older than you are, or simply feel less feminine or attractive, unsightly neck traits can have you feeling down.

These feeling are more than just vanity; they can have an adverse effect on one’s self-esteem. A neck lift can help restore the contours of your face, improving your appearance and as a result, your self-esteem.

Lifestyle factors like sun exposure, environment, and smoking can also affect the way your skin’s elasticity deteriorates.

Tech neck

Technology has changed our lives in more ways than one. One not-so-desired outcome of smartphones, however, is that seemingly permanent angle our heads face as our eyes are glued to our screens.

Sagging skin, drooping jowls, and creases are just some of the undesirable outcomes of constantly bending our heads down to watch that Snapchat story or post that Instagram photo.

Who is the ideal candidate of a neck lift?

Restore the contours of your face with stunning and realistic neck lift surgery.

The age and lifestyle factors of candidates can differ, but typically, we find most of our neck lift patients are in their 50s and 60s, but sometimes, patients can be as young as their 30s or even 20s.

Of course, there are often alternative (and less invasive) options for younger patients: fatty deposits under the chin, for example, can be removed by a viable alternative like liposuction.

As with all other surgeries, it’s difficult to put a blanket age limit, as circumstances are contextual.

Complementary procedures

Neck lift surgery can be performed on its own, but it can also be combined with other facial surgeries in order to rejuvenate and lift the face, resulting in a fresher, younger appearance. Three popular complementary procedures are briefly outlined below:

Eyelid surgery

Do you feel your dropping eyelids are making you look tired or sad, even when you’re not? Eyelid surgery can change this, resulting in a fresh and more alert appearance.


Remove excess fat, tighten up loose skin, and result in a younger appearance with a facelift in conjunction to neck lift surgery.

(And if you’re sceptical about facelifts, we’ve also written about post that busts some of those eccentric and exaggerated myths, so be sure to check it out here – it’s a fun read!)

Brow lift

Reduce the creases and lines along the forehead, soften wrinkles, and open the eyes with a brow lift.

Neck lift recovery

Recovery from any plastic surgery procedure can differ considerably from patient to patient, but the underlying factor that will ensure a problem-free recovery is patience.

Take adequate time off work, do not rush your recovery, and make sure you’re getting lots of rest.

Bruising, swelling, and a feeling of numbness are all common post-surgery outcomes.

Neck lift at Cairns Plastic Surgery

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