What Are The Signs Of A Tummy Tuck Gone Wrong?

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You’re in the final stages of tummy tuck recovery. The first few days were tough, but as time passed, you started to regain your strength and incorporated gentle movement and exercise into your daily routine. You almost feel back to normal!

However, you’re still suffering from signs of poor tummy tuck surgery. And while you know that no plastic surgeon can ever guarantee results, you can’t help but feel disappointed with your results.

There are a number of reasons you might feel let down by your tummy tuck, which we’ll get into further below. If you have any concerns about a past surgery, please get in touch with the Cairns Plastic Surgery team.

We’ll be happy to sit down with you and listen to your prior procedure, and the reasons why you feel disappointed or uncomfortable.

If you want more information about what’s involved in a tummy tuck in Cairns, including recovery, revisions, and complications, we invite you to get in touch with us today.

Signs of a bad tummy tuck

The purpose of abdominoplasty at Cairns (also referred to as “tummy tuck”) is to remove excess skin located in the middle and lower abdomen – typically the area below the belly button. This surgical procedure is designed to tighten your abdomen, and as a result, can flatten your stomach.

Some people mistakenly consider tummy tuck the same as liposuction, however the fact is that the former focuses on removing loose, excess skin, while the latter actually removes fat.

Can tummy tucks go wrong?

As with any other kind of plastic surgery procedure, results are never guaranteed, and as such, abdominoplasty comes with some complications that may lead to a bad tummy outcome.

Tummy tucks gone wrong can cause frustration, especially if your expectation doesn’t meet with reality.

Are tummy tucks high risk?

According to Health Direct, 1 in 25 people experience complications following surgery.

And just like any other surgical procedure, tummy tuck at Cairns comes with risks.

This is why you need to choose a qualified and competent plastic surgeon who can not only perform the surgery to its highest standard, but also offers pragmatic, and honest advice, and sets realistic expectations.

Your recovery, too, is an incredibly important part of your journey. Here, you must give your body adequate time to heal and follow the guidance from your surgeon. A positive recovery can have a tremendous effect on the success of your tummy tuck.

How do you know if a tummy tuck failed?

There are a few common signs and irregularities you should be on the lookout for that may indicate complications or issues with your tummy tuck. Importantly, if you have any concerns at all, it’s imperative that you contact your surgeon.

While we encourage you to be aware of your body and its changes, the last thing we want you to do is self-diagnose. The most important thing is your health and safety, so please never hesitate to contact us, no matter how small or insignificant you think an issue may be. We are here to help you throughout your entire plastic surgery experience.

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Irregular contours

Like we said above, the purpose of abdominoplasty is to help you achieve a flatter and tighter stomach. The surgical procedure deals with loose skin and sagging abdominal muscles following pregnancy and birth, ageing, or even significant weight loss.

However, some patients may be unsatisfied seeing an uneven shape and contour of their tummy after the surgery. As you can understand, this can give a strong sense of unfulfilling results.

There are several reasons for an uneven tummy following surgery, however the most common is that the abdominal muscles were not tightened adequately during surgery, and have started to separate. This can result in a lopsided or uneven stomach.

If you feel like there’s an imbalance or irregular contour, you may consider tummy tuck revision surgery to correct the issue.

What is a revision after a tummy tuck?

Second abdominoplasty or tummy tuck revision is a repeat tummy tuck surgery designed to rectify issues resulting from the initial surgery. If you’re unhappy with the results of your first tummy tuck, revision surgery may be a suitable option for you.

Your navel has been poorly repositioned

A common sign of an undesirable tummy tuck is poor repositioning of the belly button.

If you see that your navel is too high or too low, it might be that it’s been misshapen, while pulling and tightening of the skin has distorted the original shape and position.

If your navel is too high or too low, tummy tuck revision surgery may help reposition it to a more natural position. This is a minor surgery that can improve the appearance of the navel.

You think your scars are too high

Regardless of whether you choose a mini tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck, an incision is usually made across the lower abdomen, similar to that of a caesarean procedure.

Experienced surgeons will usually make tummy tuck incisions low to ensure they can be hidden by undergarments like underwear or swimwear.

High scarring not only on the stomach but around the hips, too, may be a sign of poor surgery.
In most cases, your surgeon should try to make the incision as low as possible.

Scar revision surgery may be a possible fix, however you may be advised to wait several months to give the scars time to mature.

Additionally, keep in mind that you might be only a few weeks out of surgery. Scars will start to fade; give your body time to heal before looking at revisional next steps.

How do you avoid a bad tummy tuck?

There are two critical steps you can take to increase your chances of getting the desired outcome.

First, is to take your recovery process seriously. What we mean by this, is following your surgeon’s orders, getting adequate rest, and not trying to rush it.

Your body is amazing, but it needs time to heal. A good recovery process also means less risk of complications!

The second is to choose a qualified, reputable, and experienced surgeon, and that is what we will focus on today.

Know what you want to achieve

Do you understand the purpose of tummy tuck surgery, and do the desired outcomes align with your goals? Most importantly, you need to set the right expectations.

Here’s the thing: no surgeon can guarantee results, no matter how skilled they are or how many years they’ve been in the game. So if you’re speaking to one who is, we suggest marching out of that office and finding another.

Choose a certified and experienced surgeon

After you’ve done your research and prepared yourself, the next thing to do is look for the right plastic surgeon.

There are two things you need to look for that, in our option, are non-negotiables.

Check for qualifications

Choose a surgeon affiliated with the Australian Medical Council and a Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

Look for these five letters after their name – ‘FRACS’, only then can you be confident that your plastic surgeon is accredited to perform cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in Australia.

Search for track record

Check the track record of your surgeon, including their education, skills, experience and affiliations.

During your consultation, you’ll have an idea of how well your surgeon can speak to you about the procedure (including the associated risks and complications, costs, and expected outcome) and as such, how it aligns with your goals.

Do you feel comfortable with your surgeon?

The right surgeon should make you feel comfortable from your first visit, during the consultation, throughout surgery, and all the way through to recovery after your Queensland plastic surgery in Townsville.

Whatever questions you have in mind, you should be able to ask in confidence, and your surgeon should honestly answer.

Emotional connection is essential in choosing the right surgeon. As a patient, you should feel empathy, care, and support of your surgeon and the clinical staff before embarking on the process.

Provides you with other options

The right surgeon presents you with options but always lets you make your own decision.

Force and manipulation should not be used to make a quick decision in favour of the surgeon.

The right surgeon must make you feel that your needs and welfare go first before theirs. They can also present you with other options such as complementary procedures, like our mummy makeover in Queensland.

What to do if you have had a bad tummy tuck?

 Contact a trusted surgeon to discuss your concerns

Learn more about tummy tuck surgery and tummy tuck recovery tips with the help of our friendly team.

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You can be sure that Dr Hertess and her team prioritise your health and safety throughout the procedure.

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