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Revisional Surgery

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revisional surgery cairns

If you feel that you can focus on the overall degree of improvement instead of any small lack of perfection, then you will reap the benefits of the results of your operation!

However, if small imperfections will prevent you focusing on the degree of improvement after your procedure, you probably should not have surgery.

Your surgeon will use their expertise and experience in their surgical techniques to achieve the best results and ensure their patients receive the most advanced surgical techniques available.

They keep updated by attending national and international aesthetic conferences and seminars regularly.

The surgery performed may not necessarily relate to the methods that are sometimes promoted, or advertised in popular magazines, newspaper articles, social media or on television.

The rate of revisional surgery, even in the most skilled surgical hands, can never be zero because patient and surgeon can control only some aspects of the outcome.

Minor revisions

Minor adjustments or additional revisions following cosmetic surgery may be necessary in up to 5% of patients.

Revisional surgery is performed after the first postoperative year (12 months after surgery) because resolution of swelling and stabilisation of the final appearance takes at least that long.

During the first year after surgery irregularities, asymmetries or poor contours may sufficiently improve without surgery, so very small imperfections following surgery should not be revised.

Revisional procedures

Revisional procedures are less predictable and involve more risks. You must consider any revisional surgery carefully after discussion with your surgeon.

  • If revisional surgery is required you may incur further surgical, anaesthetic, pathology and hospital fees
  • These fees may be covered if you have private health insurance, depending on your level of cover
  • Fees are your responsibility and you will need careful financial planning you before you embark on any form of cosmetic surgery
  • Private Health Insurance is strongly advised for any cosmetic surgery