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Weight Loss Surgery

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At Cairns Plastic Surgery, our post-weight loss surgery experience helps enhance the contours of your body!

  • Designed to remove excess skin following weight loss
  • Various procedures can be undertaken to remove loose skin or stubborn fat
  • Weight loss surgery is not the same as liposuction – discover the important difference

Post-weight loss (including weight loss surgery or simply changes to your diet and exercise regime) can result in fantastic results, helping to improve not only your self-esteem and body image, but your energy levels and general outlook on life, too!  

That alone is deserving of a round of applause, as you’ve taken proactive measures to improve your health and enjoy a longer, happier life.

Along with a smaller number on the scales, however, comes the inevitable outcome of excess skin.

Weight loss surgery from Cairns Plastic Surgery can help you enjoy more defined contours of your body!

What is weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery removes excess tissue and skin that remains after significant weight loss, and can more specifically be referred to as “post-weight loss surgery”.

Technically, weight loss surgery refers to the removal of excess skin following weight loss, rather than liposuction surgery that removes fat.

Procedures that may be involved in weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery can involve or refer to one or several of the below procedures

Breast lift

Lost a significant amount of weight? It’s not unusual that your breasts are smaller and possibly droopier. A breast lift can help correct sagging breasts, and create a bustline more suited to your new figure.

Breast augmentation

If weight loss has impacted the size of your breasts, you may consider augmentation to restore a fuller and larger bustline.

Arm wedge excision

Excess skin (also known as bingo wings) refers to sagging skin of the upper arm. Common not only as we age, but if you’ve lost weight, too.

Thigh wedge excision

Following weight loss the skin of the inner thigh may thin and loses its elasticity. Also known as an inner thigh lift, this procedure can correct the contour of your inner thigh.

Abdominal wedge

Significant weight loss can result in loose and excess skin around the tummy. Achieve more desirable results with weight loss surgery designed specifically to remove this excess skin.

Neck and facelift

In some cases, neck and facelift may be a part of your weight loss surgery experience to correct sagging skin, particularly around the neck and jaw.

Why choose Cairns Plastic Surgery for weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery cost

As the specific treatments will vary, the best way to get an idea of cost is to organise your catch up with a Cairns Plastic Surgery nurse.

What treatment or combination of treatments is best for you? Come into the clinic and during this confidential chat, we can learn more about your weight loss journey and goals.

Together, we’ll map out the most appropriate treatments to help you achieve your desired results.

To organise your session, please give the clinic a call on (07) 4031 5755 or fill in this enquiry form and we will be in touch.

Weight loss surgery gallery

As treatments can vary based on your unique needs, we’ll point you in the direction of a few different treatments that may be considered weight loss surgery.