Mummy Makeover Package

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Breast Augmentation package

Calling all yummy mummies!

The female body undeniably goes through a lot of change during pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy and motherhood is tough, rewarding, and can completely change your body!

Our mummy makeover packages can help restore your body to its pre-pregnancy glory.

A mummy makeover usually consists of a tummy tuck paired with one or more breast surgeries.

Mummy makeovers are soaring in popularity, as more and more women realise that their pre-baby body really is achievable with a little help from Cairns Plastic Surgery.


  • Surgeons operating fee
  • Crisalix 3D imaging
  • Day stay only at Cairns Private Hospital
  • Theatre and Anaesthetic fees
  • Motiva Implants
  • One post-operative compression garment
  • All aftercare appointments for 12 months and post op review with surgeon

What surgeries are included in this package?

Tummy tuck

Firm and flatten the stomach with a partial or full tummy tuck.

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, may benefit those whose muscles and abdominal skin have stretched because of pregnancy, previous surgery or significant weight loss

Loose skin is removed, leaving the stomach tauter and flatter.

Breast augmentation

Restore the shape, feel, size, and volume of your breasts with breast implants as part of your mummy makeover.

Post-pregnancy changes are normal, so if you’re dissatisfied with your breasts following pregnancy and breastfeeding, breast augmentation may be for you. Full and shapely breasts can make a woman feel more confident, sexier, and younger.

Breast reduction

As an alternative to breast augmentation, you can choose breast reduction surgery.

It’s common for breasts to change size during and post-pregnancy, so if your breasts have grown and cause you back pain, trouble sleeping, or you simply do not like them, breast reduction surgery can help you achieve a more desirable bust.

Liposuction may be used during breast reduction in order to achieve good shape.

Post-breastfeeding, your breasts may have lost their former volume and shape. Both breast augmentation and breast reduction surgery will aim to lift the breasts and improve their contour. The result? A perkier and younger-looking bustline.

Why choose a Cairns Plastic Surgery Experience?

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Meet your surgeon, Dr Isolde Hertess

With more than 20 years’ experience, Dr Hertess offers a unique female perspective to her patients.

During your mummy makeover consultation, procedure, and your follow-up appointments, Dr Hertess and the Cairns team will treat you with respect and dignity, delivering the utmost in patient care.

With our passionate staff with you every step of the way, your safety and comfort is our priority. It’s all a part of the Cairns Plastic Surgery experience.

Important information

  • Initial surgeon consult $275 (Medicare will rebate $73)
  • A GP referral is required for a Medicare rebate
  • Out of town enquiries may be consulted via Skype.
  • BMI restrictions apply.
  • Smoking restrictions apply
  • Medicare and Private Health Insurance may cover some costs
  • All postoperative medications such as antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-coagulants will require purchasing