Male body lift outcomes are best when the patient has already lost weight through diet or exercise. Once the target weight is reached, it’s possible to determine exactly how much excess tissue needs removing. Body lift procedures target both the upper and lower body, with operations performed in tandem for better results and less scarring.

Upper body lift procedures

  • Removing skin rolls around the waist and stomach
  • Reducing male breast/chest size

Creating more defined arms by removing sagging skin

Lower body lift procedures

  • Removing sagging skin from the lower abdomen
  • Shaping the hips and lower back
  • Raising and shaping buttocks that are sagging or flat
  • Removing weight from thighs for overall sculpting

Cairns Plastic Surgery is a purpose-designed and equipped surgical clinic, showcasing state of the art technology and innovative procedures. Our staff are fully trained professionals with years of experience helping men return to good health.

A personalised male body lift

Men usually tend to put on weight around the stomach, although the lower back, hips, thighs and buttocks can all accumulate a lot of fatty tissue. Every area can be targeted with a body lift. In any case, a personalised body lift will investigate individual circumstances and the best way forward for sculpted results. A full male body lift aims to achieve a balanced and tapered appearance from head to toe.

Male body lift aftercare

Although it is generally an elective procedure, a male body lift is nonetheless a major procedure. Good planning is required to ensure recovery is as comfortable and convenient as possible. You will need a friend or family member to drive you home from hospital, and preferably to stay for a day or two while you adjust to recovery routines. Comfortable recovery incudes avoidance of any strenuous activities or exercise.

Soreness will ebb away quite quickly and swelling will also subside. After a few weeks, exercise, work and regular activities can be progressively re-introduced. Soon after, the full benefit of a male body lift will become evident in the form of greater vitality, increased stamina, improved self-esteem and the confidence that comes from looking good. A male body lift is the sensible choice for men who deserve a second chance at a healthy and fulfilling life.

Male body lift consultation and surgery

Satisfactory surgical results can only be achieved by a talented and experienced surgeon. Body lift surgery requires precise understanding of medical science and the workings of the human body. There are options and considerations for both doctor and patient, and while expectations can be high, a realistic understanding of surgical limitations is also necessary.  At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we guide you every step of the way on your return to feeling better than ever.

Undergoing a male body lift is safe when the procedures are carried out in a sterile hospital or clinical environment. However, a male body lift can be relatively invasive, take several hours to complete, and involve a period of discomfort during recovery. Many body lift procedures involve skin elevation and repositioning, plus the tightening of underlying muscles. Wherever possible, internal stitches are used that dissolve naturally into bodily systems.

Immediately after the operation, performed using general anaesthetic, there will be drains attached to wound sites to relieve unwanted fluid build-up, along with sterile compression garments and dressings to aid healing, resist movement, and establish a sculpted posture. Initial recovery takes place in hospital for monitoring improvements and healing, which will include some swelling, bruising and soreness. After a few days in hospital, you will be ready to return home.