Chemical Skin Peels

Chemical skin peels – or chemoexfoliation – are simple yet effective treatments that can regenerate and renew the skin. The chemical skin peel procedure can be performed in as little as 30 minutes, following an initial consultation with Dr Hertess or one of our qualified nurses.

Cairns Plastic Surgery uses Enerpeel, chemical skin peels that are string in depth but more delicate on the skin, resulting in less downtime than some other peels. We tailor treatment plans for every skin type.

Prior to treatment, we recommend patients use a quality skin care (such as a potent Vitamin A skin care) to kick start cell renewal and boost the absorption and efficacy of the peel come treatment day.

There are many factors that influence outcomes including the type of peel used, the patient’s skin type, the time the peel is active on the skin, the amount of peel layers applied, and the amount of preparation the skin has had prior the treatment.

The peels are often done monthly, with two to four peels in total, but again, there are determining influencers: skin type, a patient’s individual concerns, and the amount of down-time a patient can consider all influence the number of treatments needed.
For more information on the types of peels and products we use go to Advanced Cosmeceuticals website.