Inverted nipples, or retraction of nipples, is a condition in which the nipple has the appearance of being tethered or pulled inwards.

The degree of inverted nipple can be a source of self-consciousness and breast feeding problems. This problem can occur in one or both breasts.

Many women who experience this problem usually wear bras or clothing which do not emphasise the problem.

Mildly inverted nipples can be drawn out with physical stimulation, either sexually or for breast-feeding.

Severely inverted nipples never project even when stimulated or in very cold water.

Apart from cosmetic concern, severe inversion may have functional repercussions, such as the inability to breast feed, infection or irritation of the nipple when natural secretions become trapped.

Nipple correction

Inverted nipple correction involves a surgical procedure to release the duct system tethering the nipple. An individual assessment by Dr Hertess can establish the degree of inversion and correct treatment. Outcomes, scarring and complications can be discussed within the clinic at your free nurse consult.