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Mummy Makeover Cairns

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mummy makeover

Motherhood is a life-changing experience where milestones are celebrated and personal growth is cherished. The commitment required to raise healthy children and watch them flourish shouldn’t be underestimated, but a time will also come for mum to do something for herself. The effects of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding can be long-lasting, and we can encounter some unwanted changes in our bodies. A mummy makeover (usually abdominoplasty, arm lift and a type of breast surgery) can be a good solution in many cases.

Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy are natural, although difficult to predict or control. Post-pregnancy weight loss is achieved with a diet plan, but reshaping the body with elective surgery is often the best way to halt or reverse the ageing process. Getting back in shape and staying in shape requires dedication and commitment, but restoring firmness and shape can be achievable with a suitable surgery.


Mummy makeover (abdominoplasty, arm lift and breast procedure) surgery is a response to elective surgery demand from women 30-50 years of age. Every mother responds to childbirth and child rearing in their own way, with physical and emotional changes are likely to take place, and although a mummy makeover shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, the results are positive and recovery can be quite fast with ongoing improvements.

Mummy makeover is more a marketing term than surgical procedure. The makeover is achieved using a combination of surgical procedures, such as breast lift, arm lift, or tummy tuck for personalised results. It’s no surprise that mothers are most likely to have a mummy makeover, although other women and men also benefit greatly from progressive surgery using cutting-edge equipment and technology.


A Mummy Makeover combines abdominal surgery (apronectomy or tummy tuck) with breast surgery from the list below:

Mummy makeover elective plastic surgery procedures are safe and beneficial when performed by an accredited and experienced surgeon. At Cairns Plastic Surgery, Dr Hertess is highly regarded for great surgical outcomes, while nursing staff and assistants are all qualified patient care assistants.


For most new mothers, changes are most noticeable on the stomach. During pregnancy, the developing baby causes abdominal muscles to adjust and change in shape. It’s not uncommon for new mothers to experience stretch marks, loose skin and protruding muscles. Scars caused by C-section delivery may also be apparent. A tummy tuck, along with other mummy makeover procedures is often the best way forward.


Some new mothers are under the impression that their breasts will stay the same by avoiding breastfeeding. Natural changes occur during pregnancy, including swelling milk glands that replace regular tissue. When these milk glands shrink without being replaced with fatty breast tissue, a woman’s breasts can droop, appear less prominent, or display obvious stretch marks. A breast lift can be safely performed alongside other mummy makeover procedures.


A mummy makeover performed at Cairns Plastic Surgery provides the opportunity to recuperate and revive in tropical North Queensland. A comfortable and convenient recovery is essential after surgery, and a full procedural outline can be discussed during a comprehensive and confidential consultation. For healthy mothers who are no longer breastfeeding, a mummy makeover can be a springboard to healthy shape and vitality for many years to come.


Mummy Makeover surgery costs vary based on the specific procedures included in your unique experience.

If you’d like more information on the cost of a Mummy Makeover, we encourage you to book your free information session with a Cairns Plastic Surgery nurse.