Labioplasty is a vaginal surgery that involves reduction of the labia.The popularity of this procedure has become more common recently due to public awareness.

Women request labioplasty because they:

  • desire to change the appearance of their sex organs
  • experience discomfort wearing certain tight-fitting clothes
  • have long or hanging vaginal lips
  • feel discomfort during sexual intercourse
  • feel embarrassed about how they look

labioplasty surgery involves changing the appearance of women’s sex organs by reducing the size of either the mons pubic (the fatty area under the pubic hair), or the external / internal labia (or “lips” of the vagina).

Some women have grown up with this condition, while others develop the problem after childbirth, or as part of the natural ageing process.

Women are often embarrassed about these problems and may not realise that correction is possible. Labioplasty can greatly enhance a woman’s self-esteem and restore confidence. The scars resulting from this procedure are very fine and hidden within the natural skin creases.