We can easily accept “nobody is perfect” is an expression that applies to everyone. Beauty is fleeting, but still worth holding onto, and the desire to maintain or recapture good looks is natural. It’s true that our strengths and weaknesses are what make us individuals, but self-improvement in all forms is usually a good thing. Reconstructive surgery has evolved, and operations once exclusively performed for treating congenital deformities and trauma injuries are now extremely popular elective procedures for improving physical appearance.

Body implants are surgical enhancements for sculpting the physique and improving psychological well-being. Physical perfection as manufactured in today’s media has created distorted reality, resulting in an upsurge of negative self-image, social stigma, and intimacy problems. As with all surgery performed by Cairns Plastic Surgery professionals, advanced body modification procedures have transformed the industry and delivered alternatives that satisfy different physical and emotional needs.

For example, silicone implants remain popular and are advisable in certain situations, but newly developed stem fat augmentation procedures are holistic and organic alternatives worth investigating. With this technique, your own cells are organically re-assimilated and further supported by stimulated blood vessel and tissue growth. Body implants have been used to enhance the butt and breasts for some time, while newer procedures have introduced us to abdominal implants, bicep implants, deltoid implants and other body modification procedures.

Aesthetic and functional body implant applications

Body implants are useful for both cosmetic and functional reasons. Cosmetic/aesthetic applications create improved self-perception and esteem, while functional improvements are often required after an accident or injury, and to assist in addressing genetic problems. The science behind body implants isn’t new, but the applications have greatly expanded during the past decade.

Societal expectations have created a self-image crisis, with fashions changing almost weekly, and people want to stand out and be noticed. The number of reasons for wanting implants is expanding exponentially, with implant enhancements and modifications now available for most of the body, and combined with beading, tattooing and piercing. Functional applications of body implants provide improvements to overall body symmetry and balance, and a return to regular physical activities if recovering from an injury.

A comprehensive body implant consultation

At Cairns Plastic Surgery, your confidential consultation is held in comfortable surroundings, and a thorough plan is outlined by your surgeon. Available surgical and non-surgical alternatives can be discussed, along with any other questions related to the procedure. Reputable plastic and cosmetic surgical practices such as Cairns Plastic Surgery are in keeping with the best hospital environments, with the advantage of having your own dedicated team of surgeons and assistants close at hand.

Dramatic and positive change is possible in the hands of the right team. Body implant procedures have unique characteristics requiring tailored solutions from an experienced practitioner, and Cairns is the ideal location to recuperate after surgery, so the boxes are ticked. Once your aspirations and expectations are fully understood, and you have organised a supportive family member or friend to assist during recovery, your transformation can commence.

Body implant types

Body implants are used from head to toe for functional and aesthetic applications. Here are some ways implants can improve your appearance and self-esteem.

  • Butt implants: Definition and size of buttock muscles is improved. Silicone implants and stem cell tissue applications are both used. A curvy and sensual appearance can be attained.
  • Breast implants: This procedure has endured and increased in popularity for more than 50 years, enhancing the size, definition and symmetry of breasts. Breast implants also restore youthful appearance for those who have endured pregnancy and breast feeding.
  • Pec implants: A very popular body implant choice for males, pec implants improve definition by creating a balanced, strong appearance.
  • Calf implants: A problem area for men and women. Calf implants improve leg and torso symmetry, balancing the physique.
  • Bicep and tricep implants: Upper arms can appear strong, muscular and full. Improved arm definition is the aim.
  • Hip implants: The hourglass figure is closer to attainment with a hip implant that does away with the tomboy look. Curvy attributes are perpetually in vogue.
  • Deltoid implants: In years gone by, shoulders were enhanced by padded jackets. Nowadays, shoulders can be physically improved for a well-proportioned, statuesque appearance.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures have evolved spectacularly during the past few decades, and people are transforming themselves more than ever before. The body is an impressive vehicle worth maintaining for the long haul, and body implants that provide inspiration for good health and vitality are a valuable addition to cutting-edge medical science.