3D Imaging Exclusive to Cairns Plastic Surgery

3D imaging allows patients to view in a way like never before and this cutting edge technology in Cairns is exclusive to CPS. We believe in our patients journey which is much more than a procedure. To be able to share that journey together is the greatest privilege.

Before & after plastic surgery simulation in 3D

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 A great example of a recent consult was Nicole, Nicole was questioning having breast augmentation and had many fears; Will they be too big and the other mums at school will laugh and sneer, will they be uneven like they are now, where will my nipples be? All these fears flooded Nicole’s head.

We understand every patient is different and no two breasts are the same. Nicole is right to be hesitant and fearful, after all this is real surgery and the risks are more than skin deep. We offered Nicole the chance to see what her results will be in 3D imaging. The response was emotional for Nicole, it was everything she had hoped. For years she ponded in silence. This technology allowed Nicole to see what Dr Hertess can and to go away equipped with reliable information.