Plastic surgery in Cairns without scarring: is it possible?

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When it comes to plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures, the team at Cairns Plastic Surgery will do their utmost to minimise the appearance of scars.

We understand that you’re opting for plastic surgery because you’d like to improve certain parts of your appearance, and boost your confidence. The last thing we want to do is add to that dissatisfaction by leaving behind large, highly visible scars when we’re done!

Luckily, there are some cosmetic procedures that leave little scarring behind or where incisions can be hidden, making these procedures effectively invisible.

No-scar plastic surgery? Is that possible?

Alright, we’re going to be honest with you: there’s no such thing as no-scar plastic surgery

All plastic surgery will leave scars behind somewhere. That’s because the vast majority of procedures will involve making incisions, which creates a scar.

That said, it is possible to reduce or hide scarring so that it’s invisible for all practical intents and purposes!

There are many tactics we use to minimise or hide scars resulting from your surgery. For example, we might plan it so that your procedure is performed using very small incisions, reducing the extent of scarring.

In many cases we’ll also be able to hide scars by carefully choosing a location that will help to hide any scars left behind by incisions.

Dr Hertess and the team at Cairns Plastic Surgery also use a variety of techniques to further hide scars. While they may not be applicable in every single case, we’ll suggest them whenever feasible.

Breast augmentation and other breast surgeries

You may be surprised that in many cases, your plastic surgeon can perform breast surgery, leaving minimal scars that can be hidden in the fold of the breast. 

There are many places to hide an incision when performing breast surgery procedures such as:

Let’s start with periareolar incisions for breast surgeries. This is a small incision that’s made just underneath the areola – for women with large or well-defined areola, this can hide the small scar to the point where it’s virtually invisible.

Another common choice is an inframammary incision.

This is when the incision is made underneath the breast, in the fold where breast meets stomach. The breast completely covers up the scar, which is why this scar is the most common location for incision during breast augmentation procedures.

This particular location is often chosen for surgeries that require larger incisions, such as breast augmentation.

While less common, armpit (transaxillary) incisions can also be used in certain breast augmentation procedures.

The location for the incision will vary depending on the type of procedure being performed.

For example, let’s focus on breast augmentation. In this case, the implant location will depend on the size and shape of the implant, as well as your body

As you can see, there are plenty of options – as such, it’s quite common for breast surgery procedures to not leave any large or highly visible scars behind!

Face and neck lifts

Plastic surgery scars on other parts of your body can be covered up with your wardrobe.

Scars from facial procedures however? That’s a different story.

Luckily, there are options. And when it comes to facelifts, your ears and hair are your best friends.

In many cases, incisions for facelifts may be hidden by your ears. Underneath or behind your ears are common spots, as your ears hide them – who’s going to look behind your ears, after all?

And if you typically wear your hair loose, even better!

If you have long hair instead of tied back, you’ll be able to hide the scar completely. Some surgeries require making an incision in front of your ear – long, loose hair can help to hide these sorts of incisions.

Cairns Plastic Surgery

Brow lifts

Worried by those creases developing across your forehead?

Is your brow starting to hood your eyebrows?

Brow lift surgery helps fight symptoms of aging in your face, removing unwelcome creases and lines that make you look older than you really are. They can help with a sagging or deeply furrowed brow to create a smoother and more youthful appearance.

This is another common type of facial surgery our team – and just like facelifts, they can often be performed without leaving behind obvious scars!

Many assume that they’ll be left with scars across their forehead. Thankfully, that’s extremely rare – in many cases, incisions for brow lift procedures will be made behind your hairline, and will be hidden from view by your hair.

Of course, this type of incision may not always be feasible, especially if you have a high hairline.

Depending on your needs, your plastic surgeon will walk you through the options and help you understand the kinds of incisions that can be made, and how we can reach the best possible outcome.

How scar treatment can reduce visible scarring

In addition to plastic surgery, the team at Cairns Plastic Surgery also perform scar treatments that minimise or reduce visible scarring.

While normally used to hide existing scars from previous injury and accidents, scar treatment can also be used to reduce or minimise scarring from plastic surgery procedures. Both surgical and non-surgical scar treatments are available, such as:

  • Taping
  • Steroid injections
  • Z plasty
  • Erbium laser treatment
  • Dermal fillers
  • Skin grafts

Following your plastic surgery, your surgeon may suggest one of the following treatments if there’s a high likelihood of visible scarring afterwards.

Find out more about our scar treatments here.

The importance of choosing the right surgeon: call Cairns Plastic Surgery!

These techniques are used during various types of plastic surgery procedures to minimise the size and visibility of scars.

No two surgeries are alike, so it’s important to remember that there’s no guarantee of a scar-free procedure.

At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we understand that visible scarring may make you feel self-conscious. In some cases, it might even be something that’s holding you back from getting a life-improving and confidence-boosting surgery.

Dr Hertess and her team understand those anxieties, which is why we endeavour to leave as little visible scarring behind as possible.

We also understand that plastic surgery can be an intimidating prospect. That’s why we make it so easy to come in and have a FREE conversation with one of our qualified nurses. 

During this no-obligation meeting, we’ll find out more about your concerns and help you understand the types of procedures best aligned with your goals.

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