Is breast lift surgery right for you? Read on to find out!

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Some women suffer from low self-esteem due to the shape and appearance of their breasts, with many changing their routines and wardrobes altogether to try and hide.

For Cairns residents, that often means skipping beach trips (or covering up) one of the best parts of the Cairns lifestyle!

Luckily, the advancement of technology means that women no longer have to worry about breast anxiety.

Breast lift surgery gives women the opportunity to correct the position of their breasts and bust line, restoring their confidence.

If you’re worried about how your chest looks, this might be just what you need!

Read on to discover if a breast lift may be right for you.

A plastic surgeon in Cairns explains what a breast lift involves

Women’s breasts change as they grow older.

Over time, they lose their elasticity and firmness, just like other parts of your body.

Whether it’s due to age, pregnancy or simply the way they developed, you aren’t happy with the way your breasts look.

Also known as “mastopexy”, a breast lift is a plastic surgery procedure where excess skin and tissue is removed, resulting in a tighter, firmer, and more elevated bustline. We can also reposition the nipples as required.

You don’t even need to worry about incision lines, either – we carefully choose places that will hide your scars. For breast lifts, that can mean hiding an incision in the armpit or underneath your breasts.

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Is a breast lift right for you?

As with any plastic surgery procedure, breast lifts are a big decision. They won’t be perfect for every woman out there.

Is it the right approach for you? Well, that depends…

Are you finished with breastfeeding and have no plans for more kids?

Breastfeeding is part and parcel for many mums. And with that come a range of physical changes to your breasts.

Mums who breastfeed often experience a change in the size, shape and volume of their breasts.

Beyond breastfeeding, many new mums may experience looser breasts that start to sag or droop. In most cases, pregnancy and motherhood can permanently change the size, shape, volume, and firmness following pregnancy.

Just to be clear: breast lifts shouldn’t interfere with your ability to breastfeed. If you can breastfeed before your procedure, you’ll be able to breastfeed afterwards (provided you follow your plastic surgeon’s recovery plan).

However, having another child CAN cause the sagginess to return – hence, we suggest not undergoing this procedure unless you have no plans of having children afterwards!

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Have you lost a significant amount of weight? 

Many women who lose weight often feel that one of the first places the weight will drop is their breasts.

Unfortunately, this often causes sagging as a result – all those years of carrying extra weight means that their breasts have changed shape.

So you’re happy with how your post-diet body looks now – with one notable exception.

In these cases, breast lift surgery may be able to help restore sagging breasts by removing the excess skin you’ve developed over the years.

Do you have misshapen or asymmetrical breasts?

According to Dr Kirtly Parker Jones, up to 20% of women have differently-sized breasts. You might be one of them.

For most, the difference is relatively small. If yours is noticeable however (and you aren’t comfortable with it), a breast lift might be just what you need!

Misshapen and asymmetrical breasts may need repositioning to correct, as well as moving the nipple and areola. Breast lift surgery corrects these common breast imperfections and repositions the breasts for a more symmetrical appearance.

We may perform a breast lift on the larger breast in order to bring it into line with its sister.

Alternatively, we may perform breast augmentation if you want to improve the shape, contour, and size of breasts at the same time.

Do your nipples seem to point downward?

Sagging isn’t the only problem that breast lift surgery can solve – it can also be used to correct cases of drooping as well.

When you look at your breasts in the mirror, do you see nipples that point downwards instead of straight ahead? Do your breasts sag to the point where your breast tissue is pulling your nipples downward?

Breast lift repositions and removes breast tissue, eliminating sagginess and making your nipple area/areola face forward as they should.

In addition, it also removes excess skin, tightening up your breasts and bringing your nipples and areola back up.

Breast lift before and after photos

Seeing is believing – luckily, we have plenty of photos of successful breast lift procedures!

Check what our patients have achieved after a successful breast lift surgery with our team of plastic surgeons in Cairns. View our breast lift before and after photos.

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We believe that the experience is everything

It isn’t enough to be a competent surgeon – since it involves your body, it’s important that the process and experience inspires confidence as well.

Our team understands, and endeavours to make your experience the most pleasant one possible.

Unlike many other plastic surgeons, our primary surgeon is also a woman. This gives us a uniquely female perspective on your plastic surgery goals, as well as your anxieties.

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