I want a breast lift: what causes sagging breasts?

Just as ducks head south for the winter, so too do our breasts. There are a myriad of factors that contribute to sagging breasts, but a breast lift can take years off you body by improving the curves and contours of your breasts.

Before we tell you more about Cairns Plastic Surgery’s breast lift procedure, let’s have a look at some common causes of sagging breasts.


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It can also be somewhat overwhelming, though, when an expectant mother (especially a first-timer) notices all the changes – beyond her control – that are taking place on her body. During pregnancy, the breasts grow larger in preparation for breastfeeding.

Many of our clients who enquire about breast lifts have completed breastfeeding and have noticed a definite change to the shape and position of their breasts due to their pregnancy.

…but breastfeeding? Not so much:

You might be surprised to learn that, regardless of whether you breastfeed or not, it’s the actual process of pregnancy that causes the changes to your breasts.

Breast lift for mothers

Women with large breasts

Especially on a smaller frame, women may find their breasts sag due to the sheer volume and weight of the breast. Breast reduction – where breast tissue is removed – is an alternative procedure that might be recommended.

Excessive weight loss or gain

Ever noticed whenever you lose weight the first part of your body that starts to shrink is your breasts? That’s because your breasts are mainly made up of fat (they have a high ratio of fat tissue compared to muscle tissue).

If you put weight on, your breasts are likely to stretch, and that leads to your skin losing its elasticity.

General ageing

As we age, the elasticity in our skin is not the same as it once used to be. What was once made up of a tight skin envelope becomes softer as we naturally age.

Sun exposure

If you’re not protecting your breasts from the sun, you’re inviting premature ageing and unwanted sagging, as UV rays break up the skin’s collagen.

And that doesn’t mean wearing sunscreen at the beach only – think about those strappy singlets you wear on hot summer days when you’re catching up with friends for coffee. All that sun exposure adds up!


The breasts – just like any other thing on planet earth – naturally gravitate south. That’s just the way it is (until we can all start moving to Mars, at least!)

Things to know about breast lift surgery

A breast lift, or mastopexy, corrects and modifies the shape and contour of the breast without the use of implants.

Breast lift surgery is not specifically designed to resize the breasts, but a rounder, fuller shape is often a likely (and desired!) result.

  1. Elevating the nipple and areola
  2. Increasing the breast’s projection
  3. Creating a more pleasing breast contour

Quick facts about mastopexy:

  • Often, breast tissue is not removed during breast lift surgery
  • The procedure is generally completed in 2-3 hours
  • Breast lift surgery is commonly one part of the “mummy makeover” (other procedures may include liposuction and tummy tuck surgery)
  • Fun fact: the alternative name for breast lift is mastopexy. The word comes from the Greek mastos (“breast”) and pexia (“affix”)

Breast lift surgery at Cairns Plastic Surgery

If you would like more information, Cairns Plastic Surgery provides the following resources to learn more about breast lifts: