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How to Choose Your Surgeon

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 choosing your cairns plastic surgeon


Past Experience

Have a wealth of experience. This goes without saying.

Does your plastic surgeon have the education, experience and skill to undertake your chosen surgery? A qualified and trustworthy surgeon will have gained tremendous experience performing a wide variety of surgeries on a regular basis.

Comfort And Courtesy

How do you feel after your first (or second, or third) consultation?

Your emotional connection is an important part of your journey. Your surgeon should make you feel comfortable during a time where you have many queries that need to be addressed, and you should have confidence that they are addressing all your points of concern.


Demonstrate specificity. Does a consultation with a plastic surgeon clearly detail the procedure – including associated risks and complications – expected outcomes, expected costs, and how these costs are typically broken down?

Post-Care Support

Care does not stop as soon as you leave the operating room.

Dr Hertess and her compassionate team keep in touch with you to ensure your post-operative recovery is going well. No question is too small or insignificant, we’re here for you.

Honesty And Integrity

Show honesty. When choosing a plastic surgeon, it won’t be uncommon to undertake consultations to meet several surgeons and find out about their level of experience. It’s also the right time to ask many different questions (even the ones you think are silly or embarrassing!) A trustworthy surgeon will not shy away from the tough questions. Your surgeon will clearly and rationally explain every facet of your surgery. There will be parts you mightn’t want to hear, like risks and surgical complications as well as expected side effects, and no guarantee of results. Perhaps most importantly of all, your surgeon should be able to honestly explain whether you are the right candidate for your desired surgery.

Deciding to undergo surgery is, while exciting, it can be daunting! The results can after all change your appearance and improve your confidence level. Taking the correct first steps is imperative to your surgery journey being as stress free as possible.

So, where should I start?

Please use the following tips as a guide when preparing for surgery. The important thing to remember is to ask questions! Be prepared, and understand that sometimes complications happen. A successful outcome is a work in progress between the patient, the surgeon and supporting staff.

Cairns Plastic Surgery Preparation Tips