Help – I need an acne treatment! What does Cairns Plastic Surgery offer?

Let’s not mince words: acne can have a terrible effect on a person’s self-esteem and confidence.

The thing about acne is that it does not discriminate. While generalised as a skin condition to those in their teens – you know, that time where hormones are raging and everything is changing – it can actually affect both men and women at almost any age.

Acne treatment from Cairns

What causes acne?

In teenagers, acne can generally be blamed on the oil glands that are being stimulated as a teenage boy or girl goes through puberty.

These oil glands enlarge – and as a result produce more oil – thanks to the hormone androgen, whose levels rise during adolescence.

Hormone changes beyond the teenage years may also cause acne (like pregnancy), and some studies show that acne can in fact be genetic. Diet, certain medications, and even stress may also trigger or worsen acne.

Generally, acne is caused and enhanced by these common skin factors:

  • Oil
  • Dead skin cells
  • Clogged pores
  • Bacteria

Acne can appear on the face, neck, and back – the areas of the body which have the most oil glands.

What adult acne treatments does Cairns offer?

At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we offer a couple of various adult acne treatments. The best way to begin your treatment is to first visit us for a consultation. That way, we can offer recommendations based on your specific circumstances.

You might be recommended one of the following treatments

1) Cairns Plastic Surgery’s skincare Range

Depending on the severity of your acne, we might recommend you begin treatment by using our medical grade skin care.

These products are specifically designed to heal, promoting clear pores and smooth skin. The best part is that our skincare is free from parabens and soaps, so it’s suitable for all skin types (even you sensitive folk!)

Read more about HER SKIN here, and you can purchase online here!

2) Chemical skin peel

As mentioned above, the severity and specific conditions surrounding your acne will help determine which treatment(s) are most appropriate.

A chemical skin peel is a type of skin treatment that exfoliates the skin through chemicals (rather than loofahs and scrubs which rely on texture and physical pressure to remove dead skin cells and clear the skin).

Upon contact with your skin, the acids chemically exfoliate the top layers of your skin. This encourages the skin to create brand new skin cells, which speeds up the skin renewal process and as a result, reduces the risk that pores will become dirty and clogged.

A chemical peel can also help to even skin tone (such as acne scarring or even discolouration).

3) Acne scar treatment

Cairns Plastic Surgery provides a number of acne scar treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. Depending on the severity of your scarring (as well as its location on your body), we can help to reduce the appearance and texture of scars.

Some non-surgical scar treatments include:

  • Skin needling (which tightens the skin, flattening out scars)
  • Dermal fillers (which evens out the skin’s surface)
  • Laser (which smooth’s the skin and reduces the appearance of scars)

What else can I do to look after my skin?

Some great tips from the team at Cairns include:

  • Avoid touching your face during the day (think of all the germs on your hands!)
  • Always take your make-up off before bed (and clean your make-up brushes once a month)
  • Wear sunscreen (choose high quality product designed specifically for the face – and don’t forget the neck!)
  • Get 8 hours of quality sleep per night (and while we’re in the bedroom, wash your pillow cases and sheets frequently)
  • Don’t pick! (Yes, easier said than done, but when you pick and push, you’re risking inflammation, burst glands, and scarring – ouch!)
    Keep bacteria out of your skin by regularly washing your makeup brushes.

    Unfortunately, there’s no magical ‘acne cure’…

    …but science and cosmetics have soared in leaps and bounds throughout the last few years, and we can confidently offer a range of acne treatments to help combat not only the initial problem of acne, but the outcomes of scarring and discolouration.

    Organise a consultation

    If acne is getting you down, organise a consultation with one of Cairns Plastic Surgery’s nurses. It’s the first step in finding an acne treatment that suits you.

    Fill in the form online, or if you would rather speak to us, call today: (07) 4031 5755.