Can you get finance for plastic surgery? We explain your options

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With its power to reshape specific body features, correct congenital defects, treat trauma, and address abnormalities, Australia has surpassed the US in demand for plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Beauty comes with a price, however.  

In most cases, that price is nothing compared to the reward, be it a return of function or a huge leap in self-image and confidence.

Think of it like an investment in yourself. And like any other investment, there are a range of options to help you finance your plastic surgery without breaking the bank!


The Cairns Plastic Surgery team are not financial advisors. While this information can certainly help, it is intended as general information only.

Be sure to talk to a professional for financial advice, and if you’d like to confidentially discuss finance options with Cairns, get in touch with us to book an appointment today.

Why is plastic surgery costly, anyway?

Have you ever wondered where your money is going when you choose to undergo a plastic surgery procedure?

Luckily for you, as plastic surgeons in Cairns, this is a question our team is more than qualified to answer!

Surgeon fees

As a high-skill profession that demands years of training and specialisation, a significant portion of your plastic surgery fee goes towards your plastic surgeon for carrying out your surgery. 

Additionally, certain cosmetic techniques add to the complexity of the operation, which can influence how much you might pay for your plastic surgery.

For example, a relatively straightforward procedure such as anti-wrinkle injections can be completed relatively quickly – this price is reflected compared to a procedure that takes up more of your surgeon’s time.

Anaesthesia and drugs

Pain management is part of your pre and post-surgical procedure.

Depending on your surgical treatment, you might need the expertise of an anesthesiologist to take general or local anaesthesia.

After the surgical procedure, you may also be prescribed painkillers by your plastic surgeon to prevent infection and manage pain – while not always part of your plastic surgery fees, these are an additional expense to consider.

Lab fees

Before any surgical procedure, you will need to go through lab examinations that will check your blood for any infections and diseases.

Your plastic surgeon may also request a urinalysis, X-ray and examination for heart irregularities. 

In many cases, this will need to be performed at an external lab or clinic, adding an additional charge to your overall plastic surgery journey.

Recovery fees

Some surgical procedures may require a lengthy recovery period – others won’t.

If your procedure falls into the first category, you may have to account for additional costs.

For example, breast augmentation may require a lengthier recovery period, as well as special drugs, compression garments and tools to facilitate recovery.

You may even consider hiring a caregiver or a nurse during your recovery period, to help out with general housekeeping.

Ordinary business overheads

Your plastic surgeon is a business, just like any other.

And like any other business, they have to deal with typical overheads, such as:

  • Utilities
  • Salaries
  • Lease payments

Plastic surgeons also need to pony up for some industry-specific overheads as well, such as medical indemnity insurance.

finance for plastic surgery

How to finance your plastic surgery

The first decision you should make regarding plastic surgery is which type of procedure you’re interested in, and how it’s going to improve your life.

The second thing? Learning how much it’s going to cost, and determining whether or not it’s worth it, and if you can realistically afford it.

Okay, so you’ve settled on an answer to both of these questions. That leaves one more: how are you going to pay for them?

As a disclaimer, all of this is general information only. If you want to learn more about financing your plastic surgery, then please get in touch with Cairns Plastic Surgery directly to discuss your options.


If you have the means, there’s nothing stopping you from paying for your entire surgery and related expenses with cash!

While saving may take a while, for many, this is the optimal way to pay for their plastic surgery – no need for a large amount of interest or ongoing payments.

Of course, before deciding to pay for everything upfront, it’s important to consider whether or not you can afford this, and how it will affect other aspects of your spending.

Be sure to carefully check your budget and consider speaking  to your family, too, for insight.


Depending on your private health insurance policy, your plastic surgery may be covered.

While each policy is different, as a general rule, it depends on whether or not the surgery is medically necessary.

For example, procedures such as skin cancer surgery may get the nod from insurance providers.

Even some elective procedures may be covered if it’s deemed necessary by a medical professional – for example, scar treatments may be covered in some cases.

In the end, it all depends. To find out whether your specific surgery is covered, be sure to get in contact with your insurance provider.


Did you know? You can use a personal credit card to pay for your plastic surgery.

As with all payments made on credit however, you could end up paying for more thanks to a high-interest rate. 

So before you make that swipe, double-check first if you can pay for the monthly amount and the interest as well without dramatically impacting the rest of your household budget.

Payment plans

As with many large purchases, many plastic surgeons in Australia will also offer payment plans to help you manage the cost of your chosen surgery.

Before deciding to undergo the procedure, make sure that you verify with the doctor or clinic if payment plans work for them.

This will break the total amount of your surgery into a series of smaller ongoing monthly payments – be sure to ask your doctor or clinic about their specific payment terms.


Don’t have enough savings or access to credit to finance your plastic surgery?

Don’t worry – superannuation has you covered. You can pay for your surgery by applying for an early super release (yes, you heard us right!)

Just be warned: there are specific criteria that have to be met in order to qualify for using your super for cosmetic and plastic surgery purposes:

  • Your surgery for an acute or chronic medical condition
  • You have no other means to pay for the surgery
  • The claim for super is for you or a dependent

It’s also important to know that early super releases are usually taxed upon release. If you are under 60 years old, you will be taxed from 17% and 22%. For those over 60 years old, you will not be taxed.

There are rules regarding superannuation and taxes change regularly (as any avid follower of politics knows), so it’s best to check the ATO website before committing to an early super release.

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