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You’ve worked more crunches, more time on the treadmill and more waist and stomach exercises into your gym routine.

Yet no matter how much you try, you can’t seem to slim down that waist or get rid of your loose belly!

Don’t worry, many women find themselves in the same boat. Little wonder that so many choose tummy tuck surgeries to make slimming down just a little bit easier.

Can this procedure really help you achieve a better figure? Today, the team from Cairns Plastic Surgery explain what’s involved in tummy tuck surgery, and the outcomes you may achieve!

Cairns Plastic Surgery explains tummy tuck

Tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that focuses on removing excess skin from the stomach.

In particular, it can target the middle and lower abdomen, below the belly button.

The goal is to leave patients with a tighter abdomen and a flatter stomach.

Many patients ask what the difference is between a tummy tuck and liposuction

After all, both focus on giving you a flatter stomach – how different can they be?

The answer, in fact, is “very!”

Unlike liposuction, a tummy tuck focuses on excess skin and loose muscles, while lipo concentrates on removing fat deposits from a specific area.

In fact, abdominoplasty surgery is occasionally prescribed as a follow-up procedures to liposuction. This is because liposuction can often leave patients with loose stomach skin and sagging bellies now that there’s less volume underneath them.

Is tummy tuck surgery right for you?

A more shapely figure – sounds good!

However, there’s more to it than that.

In addition to cosmetic purposes, tummy tuck surgery can also be used as a restorative procedure for:

  • Pregnancy-related physical changes
  • Damage arising from previous stomach surgeries
  • Abnormalities as a result of excess weight loss

Weight isn’t the only thing that can leave you with loose stomach skin and muscles – the issues listed above are just some of them.

A plastic surgeon in Cairns can help determine whether a tummy tuck is right for you.

In addition to assessing whether your unique condition can be treated with a tummy tuck, they will also determine whether or not you’re a suitable candidate for tummy tuck surgery.

In particular, the team at Cairns Plastic Surgery may ask…

Are you in good physical health?

As with any surgical procedures (cosmetic or otherwise), it’s important that you are in good physical condition, as this can affect your recovery from a tummy tuck procedure.

Your health and any chronic illnesses you may suffer from might significantly affect the surgery. As such, surgery and recovery may result in complications.

That’s why the very first thing we look at when planning for a tummy tuck is your medical record, as well as any health concerns that you might have.

In particular, smokers will need to kick the habit and be smoke-free for at least several weeks before surgery.

tummy tuck surgery

Whether the problem is the result of loose skin and separated abdominal muscles

As we mentioned above, tummy tuck procedures target loose skin and sagging abdominal muscles.

So if your stomach isn’t the result of one of these issues, a tummy tuck may not be right for you!

Many women come to us for tummy tucks in Cairns, believing that it’s a solution for excess fat and sag around the abdomen. In these cases, however, liposuction is a better bet.

To determine the extent of your tummy tuck procedure (as well as whether your stomach can be treated with it), you’ll need to consult a certified plastic surgeon.

Tummy tuck surgery falls into two categories:

Full tummy tuck

Completely repairs abdominal muscles that have been stretched. The belly button is repositioned back to its original spot and loose skin is tightened, as are the abdominal muscles. 

Partial tummy tuck

Also called “mini tummy tuck,” a partial tummy tuck is the most appropriate procedure for those who only want to get rid of loose skin particularly below the belly button.

Are you still planning on having a child?

The post-pregnancy body often experiences a range of physical changes – that’s why mummy makeover packages are so popular.

In some cases, it can also leave behind stretched skin, and can even cause your abdominal muscles to separate. Sounds like the perfect candidate for a tummy tuck, right?

However, if you are planning on having more children in the near future, it might not be a good idea to undergo a tummy tuck just yet.

While it won’t affect your ability to carry a child to term, simply put, it might be a waste of money!

There’s a risk that you’ll be left in the exact same position you were in before, needing a second tummy tuck to restore your former appearance!

Do you have realistic expectations?

A lot of women come into plastic surgery procedures like tummy tucks assuming that it’s a magical, cure-all solution for their concerns.

We’re here to tell you that this isn’t the case. If you’re thinking of booking a tummy tuck in Cairns, it’s crucial that you have realistic expectations going in.

In particular, remember that a tummy tuck is not a weight-loss surgery or substitute!

Another thing that many patients don’t consider is the recovery time and healing process.

As with many plastic surgery procedures, there’s a lengthy recovery period – even a mini tummy tuck can take 6 weeks or more to recover from.

The team from Cairns Plastic Surgery prepare you with a series of pre-procedure consultations that go over everything to expect out of your abdominoplasty procedure.

What’s more, we’ll also prepare you for the recovery period, providing you with qualified advice and the tools and supports needed to facilitate a full recovery as quickly as possible.

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