Some common signs you need breast reduction surgery

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How long are you willing to endure that feeling of (literally) carrying the world on your shoulders (and your chest, neck, and back…?)

While it isn’t an issue that gets a lot of public attention, oversized breasts (as well as all the accompanying inconveniences and physical issues that come with it) are something that many women find themselves burdened with.

If you’ve been dealing with these for a long time, there’s good news: you don’t have to suffer forever.

Mammaplasty – more commonly referred to as breast reduction surgery – is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for women with over-sized breasts.

Are you still undecided about going through this procedure? There are a number of physical “symptoms” you might relate to, that make you an ideal candidate for breast reduction surgery.

What are the symptoms you need breast reduction?

Like the name suggests, breast reduction is all about reducing the size of your breasts to a more comfortable, manageable size. Over the years, it has become increasingly popular among women with large and heavy breasts.

Mammaplasty removes excess fat, skin, and glandular tissue, allowing women to achieve their ideal breast size.

In addition to changing your appearance, breast reduction surgery can also help by preventing some of the symptoms that come with a large chest such as…

Back and neck pain: where does your back hurt if you need a breast reduction?

Pain is often one of the major symptoms why most women choose breast reduction surgery.

Bigger breasts add more weight, which can, in turn, lead to muscle strain. Not only is this extremely uncomfortable, but it can also result in poor posture and chronic pain.

In particular, heavy and large breasts can pull the muscles in your neck, upper back, and shoulders, causing you to slouch and resulting in mild to severe muscle pain.

You might not be aware of it, but this can also lead to other health conditions such as headaches, posture problems, neck pain, upper and lower back pain, and more.

Yeast infections and rashes

Feel like the skin around your breasts is itchy, irritated, or even burning? Yeast infection on the underside of your breasts may lead to cracks, redness and bleeding. In many cases, they can also result in bad odours.

Yeast infections are most common in areas where your skin is constantly rubbing against itself – and that includes the breasts.

This is an issue that’s especially common since many women with large breasts, as they often have trouble finding bras and tops that fit properly. Instead, many experience constant chafing, and as such, higher risk of yeast infections.

Skin marks and grooves underneath the bra

Wired bras shouldn’t be uncomfortable – assuming you’ve gotten the right size, that is.

As we mentioned above however, bra shopping can be incredibly hard for women with larger chests!

Your breasts’ excess weight may cause your bra strap to leave grooves and skin marks on top of your shoulder and even across your back.

Nerve pain

Feeling numbness and tingling effect on your hands is one common symptom that you may want to look into breast reduction.

It sounds a little strange, we know. In many cases however, your heavy breasts can easily pull your neck muscle and torso, affecting your nerves in other parts of your body,

The nerve pain can easily radiate to your upper extremities, especially to your arms and fingers, leading to numbness and tingling of hands and fingers, making it difficult for you to concentrate and even hold things properly.

What qualifies you to get a breast reduction?

What is considered medically necessary for breast reduction?

It may be considered a medical necessity for you to undergo breast reduction if you experience pain or symptoms like any of those listed above.

As a general rule, breast reduction becomes medically necessary when your chest size and its related problems start negatively impacting your day-to-day life and causing significant or persistent discomfort.

In particular, it’s a necessity in cases where you can’t resolve the issue using non-surgical methods, such as a better-fitting bra.

Non-medical reasons

So far, we’ve been focusing on physical symptoms and signs that you might need breast reduction.

However, you can’t forget about all the non-medical reasons!

And in Queensland, plastic surgery isn’t restricted to strictly medical cases.

In many cases, women may not experience these symptoms, or if they are, they could be mild. And yet, they may still express interest in breast reduction surgery due to a number of other reasons, including:

  • Inability to do their favourite activities or compete in sports
  • Difficulty buying fitting clothes and bras
  • Self-esteem issues

While these are not necessarily physical problems, each can still have an impact on your quality of life, making them perfectly suitable reasons to look into breast reduction surgery.

Am I the right candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Of course, it isn’t just women interested in this procedure.

Men may also look towards male breast reduction – also known as  gynecomastia surgery – that focuses on reducing excess breast tissue (often referred to as “man boobs”).

Of course, ticking the boxes above isn’t the only thing you need to look at when considering breast reduction.

As with all other types of surgery, it’s important to consider whether you’re fit and able, what’s involved in recovery, and any side-effects you might experience.

There are a number of physical and emotional side-effects of undergoing mammaplasty. As such, you need to sit down with your surgeon and determine whether or not you are the right candidate for the procedure.

As a general rule, you are the right candidate if:

  • You feel your quality of life is being negatively impacted by oversized, heavy breasts
  • You have realistic expectations
  • You feel discomfort and pain in your neck, back and shoulders
  • You don’t smoke
  • You are physically healthy
  • You want to ease the discomfort of having large and heavy breasts
  • You want to correct uneven breasts

How big do your breasts need to be to get a reduction?

Theoretically, any breast size can be reduced – this procedure isn’t limited exclusively to a specific size.

The problem arises when trying to get your health insurance to cover it.

While it depends on the provider, most will cover breast reduction surgery in cases where it’s medically necessary. Speak to your health insurer for more important information on cover for breast reduction surgery.

Will breast reduction have negative side-effects?

When carried out properly, this procedure shouldn’t leave any permanent marks or side-effects afterwards.

Of course, this is for healthy patients – during the lead-up to your surgery, your surgeon will take a look at your health file and help determine your risk.

Regardless of your risk, breast reduction surgery can also leave breast reduction scars.

Thankfully, your surgeon can place incisions in places where they won’t be noticed, and can prescribe treatments to reduce scarring and facilitate faster healing.

 breast reduction surgery

Can I have a breast reduction if I’m overweight?

Weight is one factor that you need to consider if you want a breast reduction – that’s why the specialists at our Cairns plastic surgery clinic are careful to ask each patient about their current health, including their weight.

Should I lose weight before a breast reduction?

Simply put, women who are overweight face a higher risk of complications. AS such, it’s important that you’re of a healthy weight and in decent physical condition before electing for breast surgery in Cairns (or in fact, any kind of plastic surgery.)

Not only that, but there are many cases where losing weight through improved diet and exercise may also reduce the size of the breasts.

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We work hard to ensure that you know:

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  • What you need to do on the day
  • Potential complications
  • What we’ll do to help you
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