4 Common questions women ask about breast lift with breast implants

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When it comes to improving your self-confidence and loving your body once more, mammoplasty (breast implants) and mastopexy (breast lift) are two of the most common plastic surgery procedures.

You’ve heard about how breast lifts can improve the shape of your breasts. You’ve also heard about how breast implants can increase your breast size.

And you might ask yourself – can you undergo these procedures at the same time? And the answer is “yes” – usually.

As with all things related to plastic surgery, it can also depend on your unique circumstances and needs.

4 Common questions women ask about breast lift + breast augmentation surgery 

Breast lifts and breast augmentation both have similar goals: to improve the shape and appearance of your breasts.

Despite similar goals, both go about it in different ways.

Breast lifts improve breast shape by trimming away excess skin and fat, tightening up your breasts and repositioning them to create a younger, perkier, and as the name suggests, lifted bustline.

By contrast, breast augmentation adds volume by using implants to fill out your chest and change your breast shape, or to combat the physical changes associated with pregnancy or simply the natural process of ageing.

Depending on your circumstances, either one of these might be more appropriate for correcting your breast shape – in some cases, a combination of both breast surgery procedures, might be just what you need… 

Question #1: Can it even be done?


While they’re two different procedures, there’s nothing saying that choosing one automatically cancels out the second and makes it impossible.

Breast lift and implant surgery – otherwise known as augmentation mastopexy surgery – is a package that combines these two types of breast procedures.

As part of this, our breast lift and implant surgeons will not only correct the shape of your bust, but also fill it out as well.

In particular, the two are often combined to help your body recover from the physical changes that result from pregnancy – in fact, the two are usually included as part of our mummy makeover package!

Question #2: Am I the right candidate for breast lift + breast implant?

One of the first and most important things you must do is determine whether or not you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery in the first place.

Let’s start with the types of problems this combined surgery can help you overcome:

  • Sagging that breast implants alone cannot solve
  • Excess skin due to volume loss in your breasts
  • Reshaping your breasts while also increasing their size

It’s also important to determine whether you’re a good fit physically for breast lift and implant surgery. When considering a combined breast lift and implants surgery – plastic surgery in general –  often require women who:

  • Are in good health
  • Do not have any plans to have kids in the future
  • Aren’t smokers

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Question #3: What are the advantages of having a breast lift and breast augmentation both at the same time?

When combined, a breast lift and implant combo can help you get better results than you would by only getting one of these procedures.

While breast lifts on their own can correct the shape and appearance of your breasts, they often leave your breasts the same size (or occasionally, even a little smaller). Many women don’t mind this – for the ones that do however, adding breast augmentation can help with that.

Likewise, breast enlargement on its own often changes the shape of your breasts by adding extra volume. Some women might want their breasts to retain their previous shape after breast augmentation surgery – hence, adding a breast lift to the package.

It all depends on what your end goals are, and what you want your body to look like!

Unsure whether a combined breast lift and implant surgery is what you need? Our friendly team is more than happy to talk things through with you! 

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Question #4: How long is the recovery time? 

Plastic surgery, like any other type of surgery, requires a recovery period – and breast surgery is no exception.

After the procedure, your breasts will swell and may bruise. This is normal and will subside over time.

Another side effect is some discomfort – again this too will subside but in the meantime, pain medication may assist.

During recover, it’s important that you cease any physical or demanding activity, and:

  • Take adequate time off work to property rest and heal
  • Wear the right post-surgery support bra
  • Maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water
  • Carefully listen to and apply your plastic surgeon’s instructions including specialised care for sutures and incisions
  • Engage the help of a friend or family member to perform light housework duties and collect groceries, etc.

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