Some of the most common candidates for breast reduction surgery

“Is breast reduction surgery right for me?”

Whether your self-esteem is suffering or you simply want to participate in that class at the gym without having to ensure severe neck and back pain, breast reduction surgery is suitable for candidates of all ages – including teenagers.

Breast reduction surgery is known medically as reduction mammoplasty and is designed to reduce the size of overly large breasts or correct severe breast asymmetry.

This week, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most common candidates who come to us expressing interest in breast reduction surgery.

They have already identified a problem, and have decided they want to discover more about this surgery, including if it’s right for them – or if it could be performed in conjunction with other surgeries, including breast lift.

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Breast reduction surgery for teenagers

Women of all ages seek breast reduction surgery to correct asymmetrical breasts (more on that below) or to reduce the size and weight of exceptionally large breasts.

Breast reduction is common in teenage girls with abnormally large breasts as their bodies struggle to carry around such weight.

Back, neck, and shoulder problems are not uncommon, while teens may also feel self-conscious about wearing certain clothing including beachwear. They may also be embarrassed to participate in sport or exercise.

Why are more and more teens opting for breast reduction surgery?

We don’t quite know the answer, but Brian Labow, director of the Adolescent Breast Clinic at Boston Children’s Hospital, has found research to suggest that teens reaching puberty earlier, plus the obesity epidemic, may be contributing to larger breast sizes.

Labow has conducted his own research into why teenage breast reduction is more prevalent today.

His key takeaways are that teens who have large breasts may suffer from:

  • A decreased quality of life
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Breast-related pain (shoulders, back, etc.)
  • An increased risk of eating disorders


Breast reduction for asymmetrical breasts

Most women have one breast larger than the other – and this is totally normal. For the majority, this disparity is minimal.

But for some women, asymmetrical breasts can be a source of embarrassment, and can also make finding clothes, bras, and swimsuits a challenge.

We understand that uneven breasts can contribute to your self-esteem and make you feel conscious wearing certain clothes. You might feel your breastsare lopsided, and as such, might be considering breast reduction surgery to even up your bust.

Asymmetry can mean a difference in either the volume of breast tissue or position of the breast, or both.

During breast reduction surgery to correct asymmetric breasts, our plastic surgeon removes excess tissue from your larger breast and may reposition the nipple to create a contour that better matches your smaller breast.

Breast reduction surgery can sometimes be performed in conjunction with a breast lift, particularly if the larger of the two breasts droops significantly.

The result is a more balanced contour that can help to restore your confidence!

Breast reduction for medical reasons including back pain

Back problems, deep grooves from digging in bra straps, neck strain…

All of these symptoms are far too common for those carrying round excessively large breasts.

It doesn’t take hours of sedentary desk work or poor posture for women with large and heavy breasts to experience that unmistakable upper back and neck pain.

In addition, those who feel self-conscious about their large breasts may also (without even realising it) start to hunch forward to hide their chest, worsening existing pain.

The first step we advise you to take is to get properly fitted at a specialist lingerie store, by a professional fitter, for your everyday and sports bras.

Most women wear the wrong size bra (generally they wear cups that are too small and a band that is too big), so getting fitted professionally may ease your pain in the interim.

Slim fitness brunette woman with six pack abs wearing pink sport bra standing in city park relaxing after workout looking away from the camera.

Breast reduction recovery

As with all other surgeries, it’s expected that you will feel minor discomfort for a period of time following surgery.

Severe pain in unusual, but discomfort is not.

Breast reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and can be performed as a day surgery. If you are going home on the same day as surgery, you must ensure you have a family member of friend pick you up and drive you home.

Someone should stay overnight with you, too. It’s also advised that a friend helps you around the home for the first few days following surgery.

You should expect to have limited mobility for up to 2 weeks following surgery. During this time, you must ensure adequate rest including time off work. Of course, everyone has a different recovery rate, so it’s best to speak with your surgeon prior to surgery.

Additionally, feel free to contact our clinic anytime post-surgery if you have any concerns or questions – no question is too small or insignificant!

Why choose Cairns Plastic Surgery for breast reduction?

Here at Cairns, we are proud of not only our experienced plastic surgeon and qualified support team, but also the professional and compassionate care we offer to all our patients.

From your very first consultation to all your post-operative appointments, this level of compassion is carried through your entire experience.

Offering genuine care, patients value our honest, realistic, and passionate approach to plastic surgery.

Should I head overseas for cosmetic surgery?

In a word? No.


There are plenty of reasons, many of which we dive into in this blog post, but the overall message we want to get across that even if surgery goes well and you safely make it back home to Australia, should post-operative problems arise, the doctor that has performed your surgery is now an ocean away in another country.

You’ll need to then find a new surgeon to assess the problem (not their own work) and provide you with a solution – which often results in shelling out more cash.

The money you would have saved on the initial surgery overseas has now been absorbed into corrective surgery here in Australia.

You shouldn’t be shopping on price alone – there are far too many factors more important than cost.

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