Can I Have A Breast Augmentation And Uplift Performed In One Surgery?

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Enhancing the shape, size and symmetry of your breasts can help improve your self image and can have many psychological and emotional benefits!  Many women who need a breast lift also want more volume.  A common request that we receive from our patients, is to have breast uplift and breast augmentation performed in one procedure.   Some Plastic Surgeons tell their patients that the two procedures cannot be performed together, but rather need to be done in two separate procedures, several months apart.  Dr Hertess at Cairns Plastic surgery has the skill and expertise to be able to perform both breast augmentation and breast uplift in one procedure.

Common causes of drooping breasts

Many women find that they lose breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding or significant weight loss, leaving them with drooping breasts.  While a breast lift can remove loose skin, and lift the breasts, a breast augmentation can restore and increase the volume and give the breast a better shape.  There are several common causes of sagging or drooping breasts that drive a woman to seek breast surgery.

1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding

For many women, pregnancy can result in unwanted changes in their breast shape.  Breasts may lose volume and shape and become sagging or drooped in appearance.

2. Weight loss

Weight loss can decrease fatty tissue of the breast, causing the breast to lose volume and firmness.

3. Sagging breasts at a young age

Some women that do not have strong skin tone can experience drooping breasts from a very young age, for no apparent reason.

Breast uplift

Breast uplift surgery or mastopexy is a procedure to remove the excess loose skin from your breasts to lift your breast.  The end result is a higher and perkier breast.  Breast uplift surgery can take years off your body by correcting a drooping bust line and restoring your feminine curves.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is also known as breast implants, breast enlargement or breast mammoplasty.  Breast augmentation makes the breasts larger, fuller and more attractive.

The benefits of one procedure instead of two

Having a breast lift and breast augmentation performed in the one procedure can be beneficial to the patient for a number of reasons, including:

  • The patient only has to go through one surgery and one recovery.  You will benefit from less time off work, and less out of pocket expenses!
  • Less cost!  There is less cost to the patient if the two procedures are done at one time.  The patient will only have to pay for one hospital admission, surgeon and anaesthetist.
  • Less anaesthesia.  One surgery usually equates to one general anaesthetic.  While a general anaesthetic is usually safe, there are still some risks involved.

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts and are considering a breast augmentation and uplift, contact our friendly team at Cairns Plastic Surgery.  You will save yourself time, money and unnecessary risk by having the two procedures performed at one time.  Dr Hertess, our Specialist Plastic Surgeon is proud to be able to perform the two procedures in one surgery, a skill that not all Plastic Surgeons can offer.  Contact Cairns Plastic Surgery today on ph: 07 4031 5755 or email:


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