Cairns Plastic Surgery explains the recovery process following surgery

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After weeks and days of preparation for your plastic surgery, the procedure that you’ve been waiting for is finally done.

Luckily, everything went off without a hitch – you’re on your way to recovery, and you’re stoked to see the results that you’ve always dreamed of.

Like any surgery however, recovering from plastic surgery takes time and preparation. A properly planned recovery also means that you can return to your normal routine sooner.

How can you ensure that you recovery goes as smoothly as possible? Luckily for you, the experts at Cairns Plastic Surgery have some ideas…

Plan your recovery

Whatever type of surgery you’ve gone through, you’ll need to allow recovery time to heal.

The problem is that life goes on, even while you’re recovering. And that includes all those chores, obligations and responsibilities.

Needless to say, you aren’t exactly in a position to do this on your own!

We’ve said this multiple times, but it bears repeating: when it comes to plastic surgery, it’s crucial that you plan, plan, plan!

In particular:

  • When you return to work
  • Who’s going to look after chores
  • Whether or not you’re fit to drive
  • How you’re going to get the kids

Before going under the knife, you’ll want to make arrangements for your recovery period.

Talk things through with friends, relatives, employers and carers – in particular, regarding strenuous activities that might trigger pain and impede healing from the surgery.

Immediately after your procedure, you will need to arrange for a friend or family member to transport you home. You cannot take public transport and we will not let you take a cab, unless you have a carer with you.

Set realistic expectations following plastic surgery

An unrealistic expectation is a woman coming out of her plastic surgery procedure expecting everything to be perfect right off the bat, and to see instant, incredible results.

In reality however, you can almost think of recovery as being split into two stages:

Stage 1

The first, critical part where rest is required, incisions are fresh, and movement can be somewhat restricted.

This usually lasts for a few weeks – but is of course dependent on your specific surgery as well as how your body recovers.

Stage 2

The second part is made up of the months that follow.

Normal activities like work and exercise may have resumed, but for many months following surgery, your body may still be adjusting. It can take up to 12 months for your body to recover and for you to see your final results.

During stage 1 in particular, it’s important that you set your expectations accordingly!

Some things to anticipate include:

  • Temporary scarring
  • Swelling
  • Numbness
  • Discomfort or mild pain

Strictly follow your plastic surgeon’s advice

Following your plastic surgery procedure, you’ll sit down with your surgeon, who will evaluate your condition and provide advice to ease your recovery.

We strongly suggest following that advice!

Whether it’s medication, diet, exercise, or hygiene instructions, you’ll want to listen up.

The reason your surgeon is giving these instructions isn’t to make your life hard (we apologise if it does, however!) – rather, it’s for your benefit to ensure utmost safety and the best possible outcomes.

Our advice is tailored to:

  • Help you avoid infection or complications
  • Facilitate a smooth recovery free from complications
  • Ensure your comfort and final outcomes

Some examples of the advice we offer at Cairns Plastic Surgery might include…

cairns plastic surgery

Staying hydrated, and follow a healthy diet

One of the side-effects of surgery is that it can lessen or reduce water in your body.

We generally advise replenishing lost fluids by drinking lots of water.

All of this helps your body can stay hydrated following your procedure.

And while we’re on the topic of diet, you’ll want to change what you eat if you want your recovery to go smoothly!

Our expert plastic surgeons will recommend packing your diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, and avoiding too much sugar as well as processed foods.

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Take care of the incision when washing and sleeping

Like any procedure, incisions and the areas around them are especially sensitive, and are particularly prone to infection.

This can worsen your situation if the incision isn’t handled properly – as such, you’ll want to take the best care possible!

In addition to washing the area gently and thoroughly following surgery, we may also provide you with compression clothing to help the incision stay in place.

These work exactly the way it sounds like: they compress. By applying pressure on the incision and the area around, these garments can assist with recovery, and facilitate healing.

In particular, compression garments can:

  • Accelerate blood flow
  • Alleviate swelling
  • Reduce scarring
  • Reduce the amount of loose skin

Get a body that you’re happy with

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