Cairns Plastic Surgery explains 7 mummy makeover myths

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Pregnancy is a wonderful time, and a major milestone.

However, it also has dramatic consequences for your body and appearance.

Most women experience various changes in their bodies before, during and after childbirth which can affect their figure and appearance and shape.

While most of these changes revert on their own, this doesn’t happen overnight – nor do we expect it to!

As such, many new mums turn towards a collection of procedures that aim to restore their prepartum shape sooner, collectively known as the “mummy makeover”.

Today, the team at Cairns Plastic Surgery will be explaining this package, what goes into it and the truth behind the most prevalent mummy makeover myths.

What’s involved in a mummy makeover?

Pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding… all of this is often accompanied by a range of physical changes:

  • Weight gain
  • Stretched and loose stomach
  • Sagging breasts that have lost their elasticity 

These are just a handful of the changes that may occur. Needless to say, many mums aren’t very satisfied with their appearance post-pregnancy.

The mummy makeover aims to correct these changes, restoring a physique more in-line with your pre-pregnancy shape.

It involves a range of different procedures, including:

These are just some of the plastic surgery procedures that might be included in a mummy makeover – the exact procedures will depend on how your body reacts to pregnancy.

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Mummy makeover myths

As with many things plastic surgery, there are many mummy makeover myths out there.

And unfortunately, this sometimes stops mums from getting a confidence-boosting procedure performed following their pregnancy.

This simply won’t do. To ensure that every mum out there is able to make an informed decision about their body, we’re dedicating today’s article to busting the most common mummy makeover myths!

Myth #1: mummy makeovers are for newer mums only

Don’t get us wrong; while we may call it a mummy makeover, it most certainly is not only for new mums!

Anyone can avail of the mummy makeover package even if they aren’t a mum, or have been a mum for many, many years!

As we mentioned above, a mummy makeover isn’t a unique procedure, but rather, a collection of plastic surgery procedures that target the most common physical after-effects of pregnancy.

Of course, many women, regardless if they’ve had kids or not, might experience similar changes in their bodies, making a similar package suitable for them.

Myth #2: a mummy makeover is a good substitute for a balanced diet and exercise

This is flat-out wrong!

Most women think that going through a mummy makeover gives them a license to eat anything they want and not spend time at the gym anymore.

A good diet and exercise are essential following childbirth, and a mummy makeover is no substitute for this.

When women stick to a balanced diet and exercise routine following the pregnancy, they may experience faster healing and recovery.

Not to mention, it also restores your body and ensures that you’re able to provide your newborn with healthy breast milk.

While a mummy makeover can get results appearance-wise, it can’t provide the other benefits that exercise and diet can!

Myth #3: you need everything included in a mummy makeover

While some mums need all the services included in a mummy makeover, not all do. It all depends on the individual, and how their body changes during and after pregnancy.

Some mums might choose the whole package to restore their body’s previous appearance.

Others might only need a specific, localised procedure such as a breast lift to deal with post-pregnancy breast sag.

To determine exactly what your mummy makeover will involve, you should talk to a plastic surgeon first. They’ll create a custom procedure that accounts for how your body has reacted to pregnancy to match your goals.

So don’t feel pressured to get all of the mummy makeover services – the simple truth is that you may not need them at all.

Myth #4: Causes extensive scarring 

Any surgical procedure leaves scars, it’s true. However, a good plastic surgeon can minimise and conceal scars, leaving you with an almost seamless appearance.

Women are often scared when they hear of the word scars. For many, worries about scars are even stronger than concerns about how their body has changed post-pregnancy.

This fear often leads them to be hesitant in going through a mummy makeover procedure.

By strategically choosing locations for incisions, Cairns Plastic Surgery can carry out your mummy makeover leaving minimal scarring behind.

Learn more about how we can hide scars.

Myth #5: it’s only for young mums

Just like there’s no age limit to become a mum (just ask this 74 year old woman!), there’s no age limit on mummy makeover procedures either.

Whether you are a first-time parent or a mum of an army of teens, in your mid 20s or late 40s, your age has no bearing on whether or not a mummy makeover is suitable for you.

  • Has your body changed following pregnancy?
  • Are you unhappy with it? 

If you answer yes to either of these questions, you may qualify for a mummy makeover!

mummy makeover

Myth #6: Mummy makeovers are a weight loss program

While liposuction is one of the procedures included in many mummy makeovers, this doesn’t mean that this should be treated or considered as a weight loss program.

Most women believe that mummy makeovers are types of weight loss program that helps them to lose weight faster than ordinary exercise and diet.

As we’ve mentioned before, this procedure is no substitute for healthy eating and exercise.

What’s more, liposuction as a procedure is only intended to target fat in specific parts of the body. It isn’t a whole-body procedures, but rather a way of touching up arms, chins or bellies.

There are no shortcuts in weight loss – if that’s how you think about mummy makeovers, we suggest rethinking.

Myth #7: recovery will be extremely painful

Any recovery period for any surgery will need time for healing. However, that recovery need not be painful!

At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we do our utmost to ensure your recovery is as comfortable as possible.

We understand that the experience is everything… and that extends to post-surgery as well.

In addition to a detailed aftercare program, our plastic surgeons will also prescribe tools like compression garments to minimise felt pain and ensure that recovery is as seamless as possible.

Now you know the truth about mummy makeovers

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