Cairns Plastic Surgery explains procedures that DON’T involve plastic

Did you know? Plastic surgery doesn’t always mean plastic!

In our experience, this is one of the biggest, most persistent myths about plastic and cosmetic surgery.

In many cases, these preconceptions stop many women from getting surgery which in the long run will improve their confidence and quality of life.

We’ll let you in on a secret: you know the “plastic” part of plastic surgery? That doesn’t actually refer to the procedure – rather, it actually refers to the Greek word plastikē, which means “malleable!”

Here’s another mind-blowing fact: it isn’t solely about vanity, either. In fact, there are many people out there that may need plastic surgery for health purposes, to improve their comfort, and to boost self-esteem!

To prove it, the team from Cairns Plastic Surgery will be sharing some plastic surgery procedures that involve zero “plastic” whatsoever.

1) Breast reduction surgery

We’ve all heard of breast augmentation – where people increase the size of their breasts.

In addition to breast implants, Cairns Plastic also offers the “opposite”: breast reduction.

This procedure is undertaken by women of all ages and from all walks of life. As such, it can have a dramatic impact on your quality of life.

That’s because breasts that are large can cause a woman discomfort – in fact, there’s actually a clinical term for this: macromastia.

Women who suffer from macromastia often experience severe back and neck pain, and even poor sleep.

Breast reduction surgery reduces the strain on the back and neck muscles, and allows people to take part in normal everyday activities that were previously difficult for them, including:

  • Running 
  • Yoga 
  • High-impact sports
  • Clothes shopping
  • Bra shopping
  • Lifting heavy objects

Undergoing cosmetic surgery – breast reduction

Breast reduction procedures are performed while you are under general anesthesthetic, and the procedure generally takes around three hours.

An incision will be made around your areola, with fat and tissue are removed from the breast. 

Then the incision will be closed up and the skin will be tightened around the new shape of the breast.

After the surgery is completed you may experience some mild discomfort as well as bruising. 

Your plastic surgeon will prescribe a unique recovery plan that helps you manage this discomfort, while ensuring that you heal and recover properly.

For example, you may be required to wear a post-surgery bra for the month after surgery, after which you can switch to a wire free bra.

You will need to wait until your doctor has given you the all clear to begin wearing wire bras again. With your smaller breasts, you’ll need to go bra shopping, too!

2) Skin cancer surgery 

Skin cancer surgery isn’t something that is commonly associated with plastic surgery – however, it’s one of the most common procedures we perform here at Cairns Plastic Surgery though!

As we all know, we here in north Queensland are blessed with warm, sunny weather. All of this comes with a dark side, however: we also have to be extra careful to protect ourselves from the sun, and as such, skin cancer.

Statistics from the Cancer Council suggest that two in three Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the time they are 70 years old. 

Here in Queensland, it’s even worse – we’re the number one state in the country in terms of skin cancer rates.

Luckily, if caught early enough, you can stop it from spreading.

And that’s where we come in!

When patients do come in with skin cancer, they very often don’t want to leave a big scar behind – especially if the cancer is located on their face or neck.

Our cosmetic surgery experts remove the cancer and if needed, employ cosmetic procedures to reduce the appearance of scars.

Additionally, we can also provide skin grafts – after all, they did start off as a plastic surgery procedure!

Surgical skin cancer removal

Surgical removal of skin cancer is exactly what it sounds like: cancerous growths are cut away, and the healthy tissue is sutured back together.

At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we can remove skin cancer from both the face and body.

We can also assist in cancer removal procedures that require skin grafts. However, this is a last resort, only used when the area of infected tissue is too large for the healthy tissue to be sutured back together.

cosmetic surgery

3) Scar treatment

While some people like sharing a silly or cool story behind their scars, for others, scars can be a source of deflated self-esteem.

Whether it was an accident, acne scars or a previous medical procedure, some women try to conceal their scars with clothing or makeup.

We take scar treatment seriously – unlike other plastic surgeons, our team offers plastic surgery with a unique female perspective. We understand how they can negatively affect your self-esteem.

That’s why our plastic surgeons in Cairns provide both surgical and non-surgical options for scar removal. Although, unfortunately there is no medical or surgical option that will completely remove a scar, we can certainly make them much less prominent. 

Surgical and non-surgical scar treatments

If you have a scar that is deeper, larger or more severe you could benefit from one of the following surgical procedures:

  • Scar excision
  • Z plasty
  • Incision positioning

Despite the words “plastic surgery” taking up half of our identifier, surgery isn’t the only type of scar treatment we offer – in cases where the scar isn’t very large, our team also offers non-surgical procedures: 

  • Taping 
  • Steroid injections
  • Erbium laser
  • Dermal fillers

During your initial free appointment, you’ll sit down with a Cairns Plastic Surgery nurse to discuss your needs and goals. 

In addition to examining the scar, we’ll discuss your options and prescribe a scar removal treatment to suit.

Thinking about plastic surgery?

Talk to Dr Isolde Hertess and the team at Cairns Plastic Surgery

As you can see, plastic surgery doesn’t always involves “plastic” – in fact, many procedures don’t involve silicone at all.

Here’s another thing you might not know: despite women making up the majority of clients, the vast majority of practitioners are men!

In an industry that’s dominated by male practitioners, there’s one thing that makes Cairns Plastic Surgery unique – namely, that its principal plastic surgeon is a woman.

Unlike other clinics, Cairns Plastic Surgery offers clients a uniquely female experience. Dr Isolde Hertess and her team compassionately relate with women and provide a place for women to feel empowered and confident once more.

The team at Cairns Plastic Surgery offer a range of plastic surgery for your entire body:

If you are thinking about a plastic surgery procedure in Cairns to help boost your self-esteem and improve your quality of life, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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