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Avocado and toast. Chocolate and strawberries. Steak and red wine.

Let’s face it, there are some things that were just meant to be paired together.

And it isn’t just food either – there are also several plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures that perfectly complement each other!

Whether it’s to enhance to intended effect or minimise the side-effects of another procedure, there are certain types of surgery that pair up perfectly.

Today, the team at Cairns Plastic Surgery explain a couple of them, and why they work so well.

Breast augmentation + breast lift surgery

Breast augmentation (also referred to as breast implants, breast enlargement and augmentation mammoplasty) is one of the first procedures many women think of when the words “plastic surgery” are uttered.

In addition to increasing the fullness and symmetry of your breasts, breast augmentation can help restore your breasts following pregnancy, injury, or breast cancer surgery.

One myth that persists however is the idea that in addition to increasing volume and improving shape, breast augmentation can also fix sagging breasts.

This isn’t quite true, and it’s why breast augmentation procedures are commonly paired with breast lifts.

Otherwise known as mastopexy, breast lift procedures correct drooping bust lines, trimming away excess tissue and restoring elasticity by tightening up the skin.

These qualities make it the perfect complement to breast augmentation procedures. In many cases, breast lifts can ensure that your breast augmentation looks natural while minimising potential side-effects.

In fact, this particular combo is so popular, that at Cairns Plastic Surgery, we offer both of them in a single package!

Liposuction and abdominoplasty

Australians are some of the most weight-conscious people on the planet, beating out the US, UK and our cousins across the Tasman – we suppose that’s just a side-effect of living in the country with the world’s best beaches!

As such, it should come as no surprise that weight-reduction procedures are some of the most common surgeries patients come to us with.

While they might sound similar, the truth is that liposuction and abdominoplasty (or “tummy tuck”) are completely different procedures.

Abdominoplasty aims to reduce the size of one’s belly and get you a flatter, more toned stomach. Your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and fat from your abdomen, while also tightening up muscles in the abdominal wall.

The problem with this is that this leaves fat in your sides, thighs or arms.

Enter, liposuction.

Contrary to popular belief, liposuction is not a substitute for weight and fat.

Rather, it’s a targeted procedure that focuses on ridding you of localised fat in specific parts of your body that cannot be moved with diet and exercise alone. Find out more about how liposuction used specifically after weight loss here.

And it’s this distinction that makes it the perfect complement for abdominoplasty!

Essentially, liposuction is the chisel to a tummy tuck’s sledgehammer. Abdominoplasty does the heavy lifting, while liposuction can enhance the contours of your new and improved mid-section.

The “Mummy Makeover”

Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on your body. You’ll undergo tremendous physical changes, which may result in:

  • Stretched skin
  • Swelling breasts
  • Weight gain
  • Changes in body shape

And as we know, it can take months for your body to rebound from this beautiful feat of nature!

Plastic surgery offers new mums a way of restoring their bodies post-pregnancy. The Mummy Makeover is specifically designed for mums who have given birth and are looking for ways – in addition to exercise and diet – to help improve their body contours following pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.

The “mummy makeover” combines a range of procedures that target the common physical side-effects of pregnancy:

    • Tummy tuck: eliminates excess body fat and skin around your belly
    • Breast lift: can fix droopy or sagging breasts
    • Liposuction: removes additional fat
    • Arm and thigh lifts: tightens up your arms and thighs

These are just some of the more common procedures that are involved in your typical mummy makeover.

At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we start by talking to you about how your pregnancy has affected you. Using this knowledge, we’ll suggest complementary procedures that help restore your body to its previous shape and appearance.

Facelift + Facial Injections

There are many plastic surgery procedures that can be used to restore youth to your face.

Broadly speaking, they tend to fall into one of two categories:

  1. Facial surgery
  2. Facial injections

Facial surgery (like a facelift) uses surgical techniques to remove loose and excess skin, while tightening skin. This gives a more youthful appearance, and also increases your skin’s natural elasticity.

Injections are another safe way of fighting off wrinkles.

In many cases, wrinkles are the result of a loss of volume in facial muscles, leaving behind wrinkles. Dermal fillers restore volume, reversing the loss of facial fullness.

That isn’t the only way injections can help – they can also be used to remove excess facial fat, making them effective for dissolving double-chins.

Depending on your needs, these two different procedures can be combined to give your face a more youthful appearance.

Cairns complementary cosmetic Plastic Surgery

Find out more about these complementary procedures with Cairns Plastic Surgery

Plastic and cosmetic surgery is not a simple in-and-out procedure. There’s a lot of planning and prep work that goes into your procedure – and that’s long before you sign off on it.

And if needed, we’ll suggest complementary surgeries that may help promote optimal results.

At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we understand that what you need differs from other women.

Dr Hertess and the team create solutions that account for your needs, while also bringing a uniquely female perspective to your procedure.

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