Cairns Plastic Surgery busts 5 common tummy tuck myths

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Not a big fan of how your stomach looks? Spending hours in the gym for little or no change?

If so, a tummy tuck might be just what you need.

More and more people are considering tummy tucks as a way to remove excess skin, cut out fat and tighten loose muscles for a firmer, better-looking belly.

As with all plastic surgery, it’s a procedure that can work wonders for your appearance as well as your self-image and mental health – unfortunately, it’s also one that many women decide against thanks to these stubborn myths.

Here at Cairns Plastic Surgery, we want you to have a body that you’re proud of. If that means busting a myth here or there, then so be it!

Don’t let myths and misconceptions stop you – read on to learn the truth about tummy tuck procedures!

What is a tummy tuck?

Otherwise known as “abdominoplasty”, a tummy tuck – like the name suggests – is all about giving you a flatter stomach.

First thing’s first: it’s not the same as liposuction. While they both have the same goal of leaving you with a firmer and flatter stomach, where they differ is in the details.

Namely, liposuction focuses exclusively on removing excess fat in specific areas such as the hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach, among other areas.

By contrast, a tummy tuck focuses exclusively on – you guessed it – your stomach.

In addition to targeting fat, abdominoplasty will also:

  • Remove loose skin
  • Tighten up abdominal muscles
  • Be applied to a wider area

While it’s often paired with liposuction, the two are completely different procedures.

Okay, so that’s one myth out of the way!

5 more tummy tuck myths (and the truth behind them)

Myth 1: you don’t need tummy tuck if you exercise hard enough

Status: busted.

In fact, many of the women who opt for a tummy tuck are already exercising heaps!

Is your gym routine full of crunches and sit-ups? Is it not having the effect you want to? If so, a tummy tuck might be just what you need. 

Case in point: pregnant women.

One of the physical side-effects of pregnancy is that it can stretch your abdominal muscles out. After childbirth, this effect can linger, leaving you with a sagging belly.

In many cases, exercise may not be enough to heal the damage. Enter, a tummy tuck.

Myth 2: tummy tucks are for weight loss 

Status: busted.

Don’t get us wrong, this is one of the reasons that tummy tuck procedures have risen in popularity. However, it’s important to remember that weight loss isn’t the only benefit of tummy tuck procedures!

As we mentioned above, in addition to skin and fat, abdominoplasty can also rearrange and reattach separated abdominal muscles. This can help with physical changes arising from pregnancy.

Not to mention, tummy tuck surgery is NOT a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise routine. While it can help get the weight off, if you want to stay slim, you need exercise and a balanced diet. 

ttummy tuck before and after

Myth 3: tummy tucks are only for the young

Status: busted.

No one is too old for abdominoplasty – as long as you are healthy and have no chronic health conditions, you are a perfect candidate for tummy tuck surgery.

Of course, for older patients, there are a range of other considerations that need to be kept in mind before your surgery commences.

During the lead-up to your procedure, our plastic surgery team will go through your medical history and evaluate the risk of age-related complications to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate.

Find if abdominoplasty is right for you.

Myth 4: you need a full tummy tuck procedure

Status: busted.

Who says that a full tummy tuck procedure is the only option available when it comes to abdominoplasty?

Depending on what your surgeon will advise, you have two options for tummy tuck surgery:

  1. Full tummy tuck
  2. Partial tummy tuck

A full tummy tuck repairs abdominal muscles that have lost their contour, tone and have stretched after weight gain and pregnancy.

A partial tummy tuck (also called “mini tummy tuck”) on the other hand only focuses on the area below the belly button.

Thanks to its smaller scope, a partial tuck is more suited for patients that want to deal with loose skin and localised fat, without the lengthy recovery period that comes with a full tummy tuck.

Which one’s best for you? It all depends on what you want your body to look like!

Myth 5: any surgeon can perform abdominoplasty

Status: busted.

We’ve talked before about the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon. If you missed that, you can click the link to get caught up.

To briefly recap however, the main difference is the level of experience.

To become a plastic surgeon, one must undergo an additional 8-10 years in postgraduate surgical training, with 2-5 in surgical training and another 4 in specialty plastic and reconstructive training.

Not only that, but they also need to be certified by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS).

By contrast, becoming a cosmetic surgeon only requires a basic medical degree. 

Furthermore, there’s no body that certifies cosmetic surgery – as a result, it can be a bit of a roulette wheel choosing a cosmetic surgeon!

Thinking of abdominoplasty? If you ask us, this is something that should ONLY be entrusted to a fully-fledged plastic surgeon!

Learn more about tummy tuck surgery

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Now that you know the truth, it’s time to:

  1. Determine whether abdominoplasty is right for you
  2. Figure out what should be involved in your tummy tuck
  3. Find a plastic surgeon in Cairns to carry out the procedure

If you ask us, your next course of action should be to arrange a confidential, no-strings-attached chat with one of our friendly nurses.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask about the specifics of abdominoplasty surgery and get answers for all your questions and concerns regarding the procedure.

In addition to the FRACS, Dr Isolde of Cairns Plastic Surgery is also a member of:

  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons
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  • Australian Medical Association

Of course, seeing is believing. We understand that – feel free to check out some of our tummy tuck before and after photos.

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