Breast lift for mums who have recently finished breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding is a healthy way to feed your newborn – not only that, but it’s also a great way of solidifying that mother-child bond.

A woman’s breasts change considerably during pregnancy and in preparation for breastfeeding. More often than not, your breasts totally change in size, shape, and volume.

These changes can persist for months or even years afterwards. In some cases, they can be permanent.

As such, it’s little wonder that breast surgeries like breast lifts are some of the most common post-pregnancy plastic surgery procedures we receive inquiries about here at Cairns Plastic Surgery!

Common breast problems during and after breastfeeding

As your pregnancy progresses, your breasts start developing the glandular tissue necessary to produce milk.

This replaces much of the fatty and supportive tissue that normally makes up much of the volume of your breasts.

The result is breasts that are typically larger, firmer, veiny, and sometimes, sore.

Many mums report breasts becoming substantially larger during pregnancy and lactation, a process known as engorgement.

Once your children have been weaned off breast milk, most of these changes revert. 

However, in many cases, new mums may be left with…

Sagging and flat breasts

Your breasts add a lot of weight in preparation for breastfeeding in the form of new fatty and connective tissue.

This added weight can cause the breasts to sag over time and lose their shape.

Once you stop breastfeeding, your breasts start returning to their previous size.

Of course, the previous months or even years of breastfeeding however can make it so that these changes don’t revert immediately.

What’s more, the breasts constantly change throughout pregnancy and nursing, fluctuating in size, volume, and firmness.

All of these natural changes can leave you with saggy, dropping breasts.

Is it any wonder that breast lifts are the most common post-pregnancy plastic surgery procedure?

Misshapen or asymmetric breasts

Sagging isn’t the only consequence of breastfeeding – another is misshapen or asymmetric breasts.

Some newborns prefer one breast over the other. There’s nothing wrong with that – however, this also has the unintended side effect of leaving one breast a slightly different shape than the other.

In particular, your newborn’s preferred breast might be left saggier than the other one, as it gets stretched out and engorged more owing to its more frequent use.

Breast tissue and skin is elastic – over the months that you’ll be breastfeeding, the tissue and skin in that particular breast simply get used to being pulled in one direction.

As a result, many mums are left with uneven or asymmetric breasts.

Why do so many women choose breast lift surgery after breastfeeding?

Breast lift surgery, also known as “mastopexy” is a plastic surgery procedure that corrects a drooping bustline. Breast lifts are surgical procedures that aim to change and, in the case of new mums who’ve just finished breastfeeding, restore the shape of your breasts.

During the procedure, excess skin and tissue are trimmed away. The remaining breast tissue is lifted and tightened.

It sounds like a complicated procedure – however, many women are surprised to discover that it generally only takes an hour or two to complete.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to wait until after your kids have been weaned off breast milk to start looking for a plastic surgeon.

While it’s theoretically possible to breastfeed following a breast lift procedure, it can impact your ability to produce milk, as some of the tissue that’s responsible for creating milk may be removed in the process.

Not to mention, the demands of breastfeeding can negatively impact your recovery from the procedure!

View our before and after breast lift gallery here.

breast lift surgery

Risks of breast lift surgery

Mothers who weaned their babies might lose confidence in having sagging breasts. 

Consider breast lift surgery if:

  • Your breasts got flatter and longer
  • Your nipples fall below your breast creases
  • Nipples and areola fall out of proportion to your breasts

Of course, like any other plastic surgery, there are potential side effects of any surgery, despite how commonplace and safe breast lift procedures usually are.


Any surgery will leave scars, breast lift surgery included. Breast scars aren’t permanent and will usually fade after some time.

Loss of nipple sensation

After a breast lift, there may be a partial or total loss of nipple sensation, as in rare instances, breast lift surgery can affect the blood supply and breast tissue.

Difficulty producing breast milk

A breast lift might affect your ability to produce breast milk, which is why we recommend waiting until your children have weaned before opting for this type of surgery.

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