Breast Asymmetry! How To Overcome Uneven Breasts

It is perfectly normal for women to have two slightly different shaped or sized breasts.  There are times, however where the difference in size and shape of the breast is quite significant and can affect a woman’s self-esteem.  As much as 25-50% of women report having breast asymmetry that causes them concern. Some women have problems finding a bra that will fit their two different sized breasts in the one bra size.  Other women report looking lob-sided when wearing bathers or certain clothes. Breast asymmetry is a condition that can cause women a lot of concern and can affect what clothes they wear and their self-confidence.  At Cairns Plastic Surgery, we understand that the way you feel about your breasts can contribute to your overall self-esteem.   We offer a number of breast surgery options to correct breast asymmetry and help you to look and feel your best!  Our Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Hertess can use breast implants to add volume to the breast or perform breast reduction or breast lift to match the breasts and remove the imbalance.

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Types of breast asymmetry

  • A common type of breast asymmetry in women is known as tuberous breasts which can affect one or both breasts. Tuberous breasts develop in an abnormal shape and appear very different to each other. Tuberous breasts appear narrow on the chest, with a long, thin, tube-like shape. Sometimes they will have an enlarged areolar with a droopy shape.
  • Another common type of asymmetry in women is Breast Hypoplasia.  This type of breast asymmetry is characterised by reduced breast development on one side.

What causes breast asymmetry?

It is hard to know exactly what causes breast asymmetry.  Some possible causes or contributors of breast asymmetry include:

  • hormonal changes
  • breastfeeding
  • pregnancy
  • fluctuating weight
  • sagging skin around breast tissue after significant weight loss
  • genetics
  • medications
  • traumatic injuries involving the breast

Can Breast Asymmetry be corrected?

  • Depending on how different your breasts are, there are a few options when it comes to breast surgery – these include making the smaller breast bigger (breast augmentation), making the larger breast smaller (breast reduction), making both breasts bigger or smaller, or performing a breast lift to hold the breasts in a better position.
  • Patients with abnormalities in their breast may have Breast Augmentation performed in Australia with part of the surgery covered by Medicare and their private health cover.  The difference in volume of the two breasts must be at least 10% for Medicare to provide some financial cover for the procedure.  Medicare will only pay for some of the breast surgery if it is performed by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon.
  • There are a number of different approaches and procedures that your Plastic Surgeon can take to correct asymmetry of the breast.  Your doctor will be able to tailor the breast surgery to meet your individual needs and symptoms.  Some people may even need two procedures such as breast asymmetry and a nipple lift.
  • While most patients are suitable candidates for breast augmentation, there are a few that are not.   Your Plastic Surgeon can discuss with you whether you are a good candidate for breast surgery to improve breast asymmetry.

Choose an expert in Breast Asymmetry Surgery

Dr Isolde Hertess is an expert in breast asymmetry surgery.  She is an experienced, qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon based in Cairns and a member of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).  Contact us at Cairns Plastic Surgery for more information.

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