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Brachioplasty surgery: bye-bye bingo wings!

Did you know?

Thanks to First Lady Michelle Obama and actresses like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Biel, statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows that arm lift surgery in women has skyrocketed more than 4000% in the past decade!

If you’re becoming increasingly uncomfortable in sleeveless clothing, bikinis, and more intimately, there’s a chance bingo wings are to blame for your stifled self-esteem.

Bingo wings – or “tuckshop arms” – can leave you feeling self-conscious, covering up with shawls and sleeves in order to hide that stubborn skin. Have you considered arm lift surgery? Are you unsure whether it’s right for you?

Read on to gain a better understanding into the procedure, including how it differs from liposuction.

Arm surgery at Cairns Plastic Surgery

Ideal candidates of bingo wings surgery

Those with sagging skin

Thanks to time and gravity, there’s no stopping our skin losing elasticity… until bingo wings surgery, that is!

Those who have lost a significant amount of weight

Good for you! Common amongst those who have had a dramatic weight loss is the inevitable outcome of loose and excess skin.

Those who find exercise is not enough to tighten skin

Exercise alone is often not enough to tighten skin, especially as we get older. While exercise is great for weight loss and keeping fit, we’ll likely only see impressive toning results when we’re younger.

Those with good old genetic dispositions

While we might feel blessed to have inherited dad’s sharp cheekbones or mum’s piercing blue eyes, loose and sagging skin is something we wish was omitted from our gene pool!

Arm lift surgery only vs. arm lift surgery and liposuction

Sagging skin causes that drooping look, but if your surgeon also determines that there is a significant amount of fat, too, liposuction will be performed in conjunction with arm lift surgery to obtain optimum results.

The concentration of fat determines whether arm lift will be sufficient on its own or whether liposuction is recommended as well.

Liposuction can only remove fat, not tighten skin; that’s what arm lift surgery is for!

Those with good elasticity but undesirable fat in their arms might be advised to undergo liposuction in lieu of arm lift surgery.

What can I expect during brachioplasty?

Brachioplasty is normally performed as a day surgery with no need for an overnight stay. If arm surgery is one of two or more surgeries (see ‘Complementary body procedures’ below for more info), you will likely need to stay in hospital for at least a night following surgery.

Brachioplasty scars

As with any plastic surgery procedure, scarring is an expected outcome.

After brachioplasty surgery, you will likely have a scar running along the inside of your upper arm. This scar may run from your elbow though to your armpit. Like most scars, these should fade over time.

Depending on the surgery required, your surgeon might also need to make a small horizontal incision at the top of the arm, where the arm meets the pit. Imagine a T-shape, as shown in the image below.

Complementary body procedures


As mentioned above, depending on the amount of fat in the arms, liposuction may be performed in addition to brachioplasty.

Tummy tuck

Some patients like to combine certain procedures in order to maximise results. A popular complementary procedure is tummy tuck surgery.

Thigh excisions / thigh lift

Loose skin on the thighs and around the knees can be problematic and can adversely affect one’s self-esteem. Thigh and arm wedge excisions can be undertaken together to achieve a more pleasing contour on both the upper arms and upper legs.

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