What are the benefits of breast implant surgery at Cairns?

  • breast implant surgery at Cairns

During a woman’s lifetime, she goes through some tremendous body changes. From puberty and pregnancy to simply the natural ageing process, our bodies are constantly evolving.

Over time, you might start to feel that your breasts are sagging, becoming shallow, and simply don’t have the same volume and shape as they did a few decades ago. 

And as time goes on, you might think back to your 20s and 30s, longing for the days where your bust line was perkier, curvier, and sexier.

And while the years have passed, there are ways you can restore that youthful bust line to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin!

Thinking about breast implant surgery?

Want to know why other women choose this hugely popular procedure?

Curious to know some of the benefits you could enjoy?

Read on to learn more, and book in your complimentary nurse appointment at Cairns Plastic Surgery to discuss your concerns and desires. 

Benefits of breast implant surgery

Breast implant surgery, also known as breast augmentation, can help restore confidence and help you feel sexy, feminine, and attractive.

Changes throughout a woman’s life can affect the shape, size, and volume of your breasts, so while augmentation can have a great impact on your self-esteem, it can also correct a number of concerns. 

These are some of the top benefits of breast implant surgery.

Gain self-confidence

Do you feel disheartened when you see your sagging, shallow breasts?

Do you long for yesteryear, when your bust was naturally fuller, perkier, and rounder?

We understand this can affect your self-esteem – and we also know that a woman’s confidence starts by loving her body and herself. 

Feeling confident and great about your body has a tremendous impact on our positive outlook; what you see in yourself and how you feel about yourself is reflected in the attitude you project on others.

Recognise your self-worth and gain the confidence you once had! Breast implant surgery is a major step towards a positive attitude, greater self-esteem, and improved sexual satisfaction.

breast implant surgery at Cairns

Correct asymmetrical breasts

Frustrated by uneven breast size?

Tired of ill-fitting clothing?

Feel embarrassed when you’re at the beach in a bikini?

You’re not alone! Uneven breasts are in fact really common, affecting more than half of all women. 

Of course, for many of these women, the discrepancy between breasts is minimal, however for those with obvious size differences, shopping for clothing and being comfortable in your own skin can be a challenge.

Breast augmentation surgery can correct asymmetrical breasts, helping you to feel more in proportion and making clothes shopping fun again, not daunting!

Breast augmentation surgery can also correct your uneven nipple position.

Restore breasts after mastectomy

Women who undergo full breast removal or mastectomy may do this as a result of breast cancer, or for preventative measures.

Following a mastectomy, a woman’s self-esteem can be drastically affected. Breast reconstruction surgery can help you feel more feminine and help restore a feeling of positive self-perception.

We’ll ensure breast size is balanced, appropriate for your body size and shape, and make sure your bustline is symmetrical.

Find out more about breast reconstruction surgery here.

Enhance body curves and breast volume

Appearance matters to some women.

If you want to restore a perkier, more youthful, and curvaceous look, breast implant surgery may be for you!

Sagging breasts following pregnancy and childbirth 

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing.

And as you know, pregnancy, childbirth, and postnatal recovery can lead to a number of changes to the body.

Such changes may include sagging or deflated breasts, particularly following breastfeeding.

If you’ve recently finished breastfeeding and are looking to restore volume or enjoy perkier breasts, breast implant or breast lift surgery (or both!) could be a great solution for you.

Risks of breast implants 

There are always risks involved when it comes to any surgery. As well as sharing the benefits, we think it’s also important to uncover the associated risks of breast implants. 

This is just one of the reasons why choosing the right plastic surgeon makes all the difference in getting the outcome that you want. A highly qualified and professional surgeon can help you best perform the procedure with utmost safety.

Most importantly, your plastic surgeon should be honest. They should not promise results, and must be transparent when explaining the procedure, associated risks, and recovery process.

You should consider that breast implant surgery may result in temporary and more permanent issues, including:

  • Breast pain
  • Scars
  • Infection
  • Implant rupture or leakage
  • Changes to nipple sensitivity

What to expect during and following surgery

Cairns Plastic Surgery performs most procedures across the road at Cairns Private Hospital.  

The procedure typically takes a few hours and you can usually return home on the same day.

Saline implants are inserted empty, and then filled with sterile salt water after. 

Once the silicone is in place, your surgeon will stitch the area and put a bandage on your skin with surgical tape and adhesive tape. 

You can expect mild pain and swelling for a few weeks after your surgery. Swelling will subside as breasts “drop” to their (new!) natural position. It may take several months to see your final positioning.

It’s critical that you organise a lift home from the clinic, and also engage a friend or family member to help with chores such as shopping, light housework, and helping you move around.

Find out more about breast surgery recovery here.

Experience the benefits of breast implants at Cairns!

Choosing the right breast procedure is critical in getting the results you want. 

If you’re unsure that you are the right candidate for breast augmentation, we invite you to book a FREE appointment with a nurse at Cairns Plastic Surgery.

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