Ask a plastic surgeon in Cairns: why do women get breast implants?

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Being confident with your body starts with loving it!

For many women, a smaller chest can make them feel unhappy with their bodies. 

If you’re a woman who lives in sunny Cairns, you probably can relate more than others. Just look at your wardrobe compared to someone who lives further south!

For some, it’s the biggest point of dissatisfaction they have with their appearance.

This is something that breast implant surgery aims to change.

More formally referred to as breast augmentation, this type of surgery is one of the most common procedures we carry out at Cairns Plastic Surgery.

And there are a couple of reasons why…

Why do so many women choose to get breast implants?

1) To achieve a symmetrical and balanced bustline 

Many women think of their breasts as twins. In truth however, they’re more like sisters.

And like any pair of sisters, they’re rarely identical.

Have you noticed that one of your breasts differs in shape and/or size compared to the other?

If so, you aren’t alone – many women have uneven breasts.

In most cases, the difference is subtle, and you’re likely the only one who notices it.

However, in some instances, women may feel uncomfortable with the difference between each breast size.

In addition to impacting your self-image, there are practical problems as well – namely, difficulty bra shopping and the associated discomfort of an ill-fitting bra, swimsuit, or even shirt.

Breast implant surgery can bring both breasts in line, improving the balance between your breasts and correcting issues such as:

  • Uneven breast size and shape
  • Uneven nipple position
  • Sagging and flat breasts

While there are other breast surgeries that can help with this, breast implant surgery is the most popular owing to a range of other benefits…

2) Women feel that it can improve their physical appearance

Really, this one’s pretty self-explanatory!

Cairns is warm all year-round, with some of the best beaches in Australia.

It’s a blessing – however, it also has some downsides if you’re uncomfortable with your appearance.

Namely, you can’t get away with wearing extra layers if you’re uncomfortable with your body – it’s just too warm for that!

Is your breast size one of the biggest sources of anxiety when it comes to your appearance?

If so, you aren’t alone – many women feel the same.

Accordingly, many women opt for breast enlargement surgery to fill out their bust line and get the more curvaceous look that they want.

3) It can improve your self-confidence

Did you know? According to some surveys, 2 in 3 women worldwide report feeling unhappy with their breast size.

While roughly a quarter of the women interviewed reported wanting smaller breasts (something that can be achieved using breast reduction surgery), the bulk of dissatisfied responses were women who wanted larger breasts.

Naturally, by addressing this issue, many of the women who come to us for breast implant surgery report feeling a boost in confidence following the procedure.

If a small chest or uneven breasts make you feel anxious, breast enlargement may help improve your self-confidence. 

4) Get back that pre-pregnancy body

Pregnancy, giving birth and breastfeeding changes a female body during and after pregnancy.

While in many cases, these changes will revert over time, sometimes they don’t. 

One area that often sees permanent change is your breasts.

While breast lifts are a common option, many women also opt for breast augmentation to regain their pre-pregnancy body.

Which one’s right for you?

The experienced nurses at Cairns Plastic Surgery will sit down with you and go through your options with you, working with you to choose an option that gives you the outcome you want.

Want both? Breast lift and breast implant procedures can be done simultaneously to both fill in the breasts (which have lost volume after breastfeeding) AND lift the bustline. 

breast implants australia

5) Restore breast size and shape after a mastectomy 

Breast cancer is the second-most common type of cancer in Australia

Unfortunately, many women are forced to resort to mastectomy

As such, many women undergo mastectomy surgery.

For many women, the mental scars and trauma can be significant.

Many who are forced to go through such surgeries report feeling low self-esteem or less feminine as a consequence.

Breast implant surgery may be able to help with that.

In addition to enhancing your existing bustline, breast implants can also be used as a breast reconstruction procedure to restore your breasts following a mastectomy.

Cairns Plastic Surgery are specialists in breast implant surgery

A woman’s body goes through various changes from weight gain, pregnancy, weight loss and ageing. In other cases, it’s just plain old biology and genetics.

Whatever the reason, many women are unhappy with the shape and size of the breasts, feeling dissatisfied and unsure of themselves.

Breast augmentation surgery, also known as breast implant surgery, is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures chosen by women!

Unsure if you’re the right candidate for breast augmentation? The team at Cairns Plastic Surgery can help.

During your free, no-strings-attached appointment, our nurses will explain the procedure, as well as what result you can expect and what is involved in post-operative care.

As a team made up primarily of women ourselves (including our principal surgeon, Dr Isolde Hertess) we know that the experience means everything.

That’s why we do our best to ensure that you’re comfortable and fully informed at all times.

Find out if breast enlargement is right for you – book a no-obligation free information session with one of our nurses at Cairns today by calling (07) 4031 5755 or filling in this form.