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About Cairns Plastic Surgery

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About Cairns Plastic Surgery Team

Progressive medical procedures embody the best of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. At Cairns Plastic Surgery, the entire team are dedicated to advanced techniques, holistic solutions, and great surgical results. They are well-known locally for performing outstanding plastic and cosmetic surgery, and Australian’s from all states are beginning to appreciate the resort-style medical accommodations and facilities that only Cairns can offer.

The Cairns Plastic Surgery team is led by eminently qualified Dr Isolde Hertess. Since graduating from Melbourne Medical School in 1986, Dr Hertess has attained specialist qualifications from the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, and is a member of prestigious organisations including the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons and the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. For decades, Dr Hertess and her highly-qualified staff have meticulously honed their surgical and nursing skills, and are now recognised as one of Australia’s leading plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics.

Your Cairns Plastic Surgery consultation

Located on the 2nd floor of the Cairns Medical Specialist Building, 193-197 Lake Street, Cairns Plastic Surgery is opposite Cairns Private Hospital, with a range of accommodations and the city centre close at hand. Consultations are relaxed, confidential, and an opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns about prospective surgical procedures. You have the assistance of our entire team from consultation to convalescence and beyond.

Dr Hertess has attained a high degree of surgical skill, and uses the latest technology for aiding the full range of plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures. Dr Hertess has also attained professional qualifications as a hand surgeon, skin cancer specialist, and more. In addition, our nurses are experienced facial and rejuvenation experts, and can perform a wide range of non-invasive procedures on-site for a ‘lunchtime’ cosmetic improvements.

Major surgeries are performed at nearby hospitals under the charge of Dr Hertess, so our patients are guaranteed a consistent approach for delivering optimum results. Elective surgery is exciting and daunting, and although a consultation is only the first step, it’s reassuring to know you are being looked after by experts. The prestigious reputation of Cairns Plastic Surgery is due to patient satisfaction, and we remain dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for every individual patient.

Why choose Cairns Plastic Surgery?

In a surgical field mostly dominated by men, Dr Hertess brings a unique female perspective. Her caring and encouraging nature is matched by a determination to help patients achieve holistic lifestyle goals post-surgery. With experience comes the skill-set and artistic eye necessary to produce desired aesthetic outcomes from head to toe, using skilfully blended plastic and cosmetic surgical procedures.

Recovery from surgery is complemented by the correct environment and the right support crew. Many people postpone surgery for years simply because they don’t want to inconvenience family and friends or disturb regular routines. When you choose Cairns Plastic Surgery, we become your attentive team ready to assist whenever needed, and even provide recovery guidelines and back-up so you can return to action with increased energy and enthusiasm. Most surgical procedures are permanent, so it’s good to know your appearance is in the hands of highly-trained and experienced professionals.

Personalised Cairns Plastic Surgery advantages

When taking major steps to improve physical health and appearance, it seems logical to get to know your personal surgeon. It’s simply not worth taking risks, cutting corners or jetting overseas to save money if operative outcomes are a gamble. We have all heard plastic surgery horror stories that don’t need repeating, and can be avoided by choosing a duly qualified practitioner.

Cairns Plastic Surgery consultants can provide operational alternatives and possibly help you avoid plastic surgery altogether. Non-surgical techniques are constantly being developed using cutting-edge technology and progressive medical science. Surgical results that were previously unobtainable are now readily available and hugely popular, while the industry has shaken off negative propaganda and been embraced by the greater medical community.

Plastic surgery has always been utilised in medicine, but the uptake of elective surgery has been astounding. In a world where appearances are appreciated, it’s no surprise that Cairns Plastic Surgery is playing a part. Contact us today for more information or to arrange a private consultation to discuss your personal surgery goals and aspirations.