Discover 5 reasons why women choose labiaplasty

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Over the years, we’ve noticed a dramatic increase in demand for labiaplasty surgery in Cairns.

This isn’t just a sneaking suspicion, either – it appears to be a nationwide trend. According to Medicare, there were twice as many claims for labiaplasty (and vulvoplasty) in 2014 than there were in 2002.

You may even have been one of these women!

Today, we’ll be focusing on this lesser-known procedure. What’s driving the rapid increase in demand for labiaplasty surgeries?

What is labiaplasty, anyway?

When we think plastic surgery, our thoughts typically go towards face lifts and breast implants.

However, that isn’t all plastic surgery has to offer.

We here at Cairns Plastic Surgery perform a variety of procedures for the entire body.

That includes labiaplasty.

Essentially, labiaplasty surgery changes the size and appearance of the genitals. Specifically, it involves reducing the fatty area under the pubic hair and the internal and external lips of the vagina. 

Given the part of the body it involves, undergoing labiaplasty is a big decision to consider. 

That’s why you need to choose an expert plastic surgeon who specialises in labiaplasty surgery so that you’ll be taken care of throughout the process.

Labiaplasty has been proven to be a safe and effective surgical procedure that many women are seeking out both for a range of different aesthetic as well as comfort reasons.

5 reasons women choose labiaplasty

Reason #1: comfort – especially when performing vigorous physical activity

Plastic surgery isn’t always for aesthetic reasons – in many cases, it can be used to address practical concerns. 

Just like how breast reduction surgeries are often used to allay back pain, labiaplasty is often used to improve comfort “down there”.

Some women are simply born with elongated labia, which can stick to the leg or chafe during physical activity such as bike riding. 

Naturally, this can be extremely uncomfortable, and can even force some women to give up their favourite sport or activity altogether! 

For cases like this, labiaplasty can be a viable solution. Our plastic surgeon in Cairns can correct the size and shape of the labia, eliminating chafing and discomfort.

After your recovery period, you’ll be back on your feet undertaking your favourite activities – this time, without the pain and discomfort that plagued you in the past!

Reason #2: discomfort in wearing tight-fitting clothes

It isn’t just active women who can feel uncomfortable – so too can ordinary women.

Living and working in sunny Cairns, shorts, swimsuits and bikinis are worn all year-round. In many cases, the designs can cause discomfort for women with large labia.

Some women may even have to worry about their labia showing through.

Labiaplasty corrects this by reshaping a woman’s labia minora (aka, the inner lips of the vagina).

The large or oversized labia is removed or reshaped, reducing the effect of pinching and chafing, and stopping it from presenting through tight-fitting clothing. 

Reason #3: increased sexual pleasure

Some women often feel pain and discomfort during sex. There are a range of different reasons this might be so – one of which can be enlarged labia.

Specifically, enlarged labia can be twisted and pulled, resulting in discomfort or even mild pain.

Labiaplasty makes the labia minor smaller and corrects any asymmetry in between.

And before you start worrying, no, labiaplasty will not affect a woman’s ability to be sexually aroused or reach an orgasm either.

 Labiaplasty Cairns

Reason #4: aesthetic reasons

While labiaplasty is generally performed for practical reasons, that isn’t to say that appearance doesn’t factor into the equation!

There’s no shame in admitting it – in fact, many of the women who call us for labiaplasty in Cairns cite appearances as a contributing (and sometimes, the primary) reason for calling us.

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone!

Our goal is to make you feel more comfortable with the body you’re in. Call Cairns Plastic Surgery today to find out more about labiaplasty surgery.

Reason #5: labiaplasty can give you a self-confidence boost

The science is unanimous: there’s a direct link between body image and mental health & wellbeing.

Whether it’s your nose or your vagina, appearances directly impact how you feel about yourself.

If you feel anxious thinking about your labia, then labiaplasty might be what you need to restore your confidence.

Appearances are important to your self-confidence and mental health, and shouldn’t be overlooked just because it sounds “superficial”.

If you feel like it will dramatically improve your confidence, we encourage you to book a free appointment with one of our friendly nurses to discuss your options.

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