Remove and replace breast implants

Will your breast implants need to be replaced one day? The answer to this question is 'Yes'. All breast implants have a limited lifespan so eventually you will have to undergo a 'remove and replace breast implant' procedure. To correct a previous surgery, a remove and replace breast implant procedure may be necessary.

Breast implant removal and /or breast implant replacement may be personal choice or it may be medically indicated. Breast implants generally have an 8 – 10 year life span and should be monitored for integrity after this period of time.

Often Dr Hertess can utilize the existing scar to remove and replace breast implants and prevent further scarring.

Reasons for requiring breast implant revision include:

  • Desire for a different size breast either smaller or larger
  • Dissatisfaction with the previous surgery
  • Problems with the implant such as hardening from capsule contracture, and or misplacement
  • Implant rupture, infection
  • Implant life expectancy has been reached

Breast implant removal and replacement surgery may be more complex if the breast implants are ruptured or if there is a recognized complication such as capsule contracture. At the point of a remove and replace breast implant procedure, some women decide to choose a smaller or larger implant to replace the old ones. A comprehensive consultation with Dr Hertess allows discussion of options for treatment.

Dr Hertess has over 20 years' experience in the field of plastic surgery and in particular breast surgery. She recognizes many changes to the breast can result from pregnancy, ageing, menopause and weight gain/loss. A remove and replace breast implant procedure may not offer the overall anaesthetic expectation and the breast may require surgical alteration at the time of implant exchange. A Breast lift, areolar reduction, nipple reduction or breast reduction along with the remove and replace breast implant may provide the optimal result.

When implants are removed and not replaced, Dr Hertess can advise if your breast tissue requires surgical modification to achieve the desirable breast shape without breast implants (see breast lift).

remove and replace breast implants

Dr Hertess and her team are committed to providing our patients with the highest level of knowledge of our treatments. For more information, please see our detailed procedure information guides.

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