Planning your treatment and recovery

Here at Cairns Plastic Surgery, we want our patients to be as comfortable as possible during treatment and recovery. It is important to be aware that your daily routine will be disrupted for a period of time after surgery, and protective measures must be taken to ensure a speedy recovery.

Ask yourself the following questions before treatment and recovery to ensure you are fully prepared for the journey!


  1. Have I read my consent form carefully?
  2. Do I know my surgery procedure?
  3. Have I had a nurse consultation?
  4. Has my nurse informed me of my options, risks and complications?
  5. Have I read all information given to me?
  6. Have I completed all hospital forms and paperwork?
  7. Am I having a general or a local anaesthetic?
  8. Do I require post operative support garments?
  9. Do I understand where my procedure will be performed?
  10. Do I understand how long I will be in hospital?


  1. Am I able to drive after my surgery?
  2. Who will be at home to care for me after surgery?
  3. Is my home prepared for my arrival after surgery?
  4. Am I aware that rest is essential, particularly in the first 10 days?
  5. Am I keeping my wounds clean?
  6. Do I know when I can remove my bandages/dressings?
  7. Do I understand the expectations for my new look?
  8. Am I eating a healthy, balanced diet?
  9. Am I drinking plenty of water?
  10. Have I booked a post operative appointment?

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