Pigment and Sun Damage

The processes by which the skin ages are complex and varied. There are a number of genetic and environmental factors which influence the appearance of our skin.

External factors mostly relate to exposure to ultra violet radiation from the sun and have the most detrimental effect, resulting in wrinkling, pigmentation, loss of elasticity and dehydrated skin.

Sunspots – red or brown blemishes on the surface of the skin – give the appearance of uneven texture and unhealthy skin. Pigmentation and sun damage occurs mainly on the face, décolletage (chest), back of hands and arms.

Good skin care and daily sunscreen can prevent further damage but will not erase the damage of the past.

A skin analysis by the professionally trained staff at Cairns Plastic Surgery can assist in the treatment of skin pigmentation and sun damage resulting in a fresh, more toned and improved texture of your skin.

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