Collagen Stimulants

Collagen is the most abundant protein in mammals. It is found in our skin, bones, blood vessels, ligaments and tendons. It is often referred to as the key component in our structural makeup: it keeps us looking youthful, and our skin supple. It also creates volume and a smooth skin surface.

Collagen stimulants are designed to encourage your body to gradually rebuild its own collagen. They provide a long-lasting and gradual result, making them an incredibly popular part of many people's beauty plans. The gradual process may take six months but, because the results are a patient's own collagen production, results may last for several years.

A series of treatments is usually required, and results are typically noticeable after the second. Bruising and swelling may ensue but downtime is minimal.

Collagen production

When we are young, our body's collagen is strong, fibrous, and is produced efficiently. As we age, the collagen production process slows considerably, resulting in loose skin and wrinkles. The signs of slowed collagen production can be noticeable from our 30s.

Volume loss is noticeable in the temples and cheeks, lines begin to appear along the nose, mouth, lips and chin. The skin becomes crêpelike and feels dry and dehydrated.

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