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Cairns Plastic Surgery - Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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Chemoexfoliation or chemical peeling is a procedure used to improve the appearance of the skin through regeneration of new skin cells. The history of chemical peels date back to Egyptian times where people bathed  in sour milk to extrude the benefits of lactic acid to smooth the skin. Over the years varying formulas have been introduced to improve skin texture, minimize wrinkles, reduce roughness and improve irregular pigmentation. The process of chemoexfoliation consists of the application of a chemical agent to the skin, designed to promote formation of new collagen following skin resurfacing. The intensity of the peel and choice of chemical agent is based on Fitzpatrick skin types.

Cairns Plastic Surgery are happy to introduce a new generation in chemical peeling. Enerpeel – ‘the peel of the future is already here’. Enerpeel technology allows reduced surface trauma with more efficient renewal of the epidermis and remodeling of the dermis to create an improved skin appearance and the reduction of fine lines. Each peel is customized to suit individuals as every skin problem has an appropriate chemical agent to promote a result. The difference with Enerpeel is its ability to increase chemoexfoliant  efficiency with reduced superficial trauma. The history of peels display intense superficial trauma with less chemoexfoliant efficiency requiring more down time and repeat procedures.

To achieve optimal results, Dr Hertess recommends the use of Tebiskin cytoceuticals, pre and post Enerpeel procedures. This range of skin products is designed to prepare the skin pre peel and sooth, relax and heal the skin post peel. The Tebiskin range has been designed in conjunction with Enerpeel to achieve better clinical results and counteract complications.

A complimentary skin analysis to discuss your skin type and options for treatment is recommended prior to any treatment at Cairns Plastic Surgery. Dr Hertess, Allison and Tracey work as a team to recommend the best option for your skin concerns. Often a combination of treatments and skin products are necessary and an individual skin care plan can be designed for you.

Dr Hertess welcomes in the New Year and likes to keep her staff informed of new technology to ultimately improve your appearance. 

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