Arm & Thigh Wedge Excision

A combination of age, relaxation of soft tissues, weight fluctuations and gravity cause laxity of the skin of the upper arm and inner thighs.

These areas then appear to have a loose hammock of skin and can cause confidence issues and embarrassment to an individual.

Many women choose to cover up these problem areas with long sleeves and skirts and can find some intimate situations uncomfortable. The lax skin can also create irritations while exercising.

Excess skin and fat are removed during a general anaesthetic and the wounds are sutured. This procedure can involve liposuction to assist in contouring the shape of the arms or inner thighs.

Liposuction alone is not usually sufficient to obtain a desired result but it is important to have Dr Hertess assess your concerns and provide you with the appropriate treatment, so organise your free consultation today!

arm thigh wedge excision

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